Does anyone know any tones/videos of the irc 3 in action

A friend of mine actually owns two IRC-3s, & he’s made a few videos of at least one of them: his doesn’t have the large display assembly or the FCCA module that the one in that photo has however (& thus is non-voice evac capable). Here’s the link to his Youtube channel where the videos are: MonikxHX - YouTube

There’s also this topic where an apparent former technician posted links to their Youtube uploads of an old IRC-3 training video, if you’d like to know more about the ins & outs of it (due to the Forums update some years back the links are broken however meaning you’ll have to “reconstruct” them manually):
Vintage Edwards IRC-3 videos - General Fire Alarm Media - The Fire Panel Forums

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How do you reconstruct them

I guess you could try using Audacity? I’m not aware of any videos with IRC-3 tones in them though.

Ok thats fine, by the way whats audacity

An audio editing & generation application:
Audacity ® | Free Audio editor, recorder, music making and more! (
It’s very good for making synths of life safety tones among other things.