emergency exit doors.

Did anyone else here use to believe that opening one of those doors sounded the fire alarm? I believed such.

I did at one time

I also believed so, and still do. Not all of those have STI alarms on them. I have seen videos of stores like Walmart, Office Depot, etc, where people opened the door and activated the system.

why els would someone open the exit door if there is no fire

Someone might accidentally open them. It has actually happen while I was at Walmart before. That’s why having them set off the fire alarm system when they’re opened isn’t a good idea. It’s better just to have pull stations by them.

Shoplifters use them to steal products without going through the front. This is why they’re alarmed in the first place.

When I was 6 I did that and the alarm went off,And my walmart doesnthave pulls out for the public

Isn’t it required by NFPA to have pull stations by exit doors?

NFPA isn’t necessarily law. First of all, it constantly changes, and who knows when the Walmart was built. Second of all, it’s basically a set of highly recommended suggestions; the AHJ is the one that determines whether something is legally safe enough.

The Walmarts and Targets in my area aren’t very big on pull stations. All of them just have one pull station.

Yeah, a lot of these big stores just have one my the front to call the dispatcher in case of a fire (there are probably more in the back somewhere). The reason there aren’t pull stations by the doors, is because they want to make it where people won’t be leaving and entering through them. Also, in case of a fire, someone can just walk outside through the emergency exit door, instead of having to locate a pull station.

Yeah when I was younger I thought that was the case. At a rest stop I was at while goin to Florida with my grandparents, there was a Simplex 4903-9219 horn in the bathroom and an emergency exit door next to it.

I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

There’s a department store in my area that has a white Spectralert Advance horn/strobe in a small one person bathroom that is the size of a walk-in closet. Wouldn’t want to be in there if it were to go off.

This bathroom was big and like a normal school bathroom almost.

Oh ok so it’s decant

Some doors can be tied into the fire alarm system. There are delayed egress doors, where you push the bar and need to wait 15 seconds before you can exit. They are tied into the fire alarm system so they can be opened as soon as you push the bar if the fire alarm system is in alarm mode. These doors need to have a large sign indicating the need to wait for 15 seconds (for when you need to exit before the alarm activates) otherwise people would assume the door is locked and would not know to wait.

I have seen those at Target. If there were to be a fire alarm malfunction, I guess you might be screwed.

You still should be able to get out, you just need to wait 15 seconds, but in an emergency that still may be too long.

It’s to prevent shoplifters. It lets the employees rush to the door before the person has a chance to run off.

Should an emergency exit really have any delay? It’s called an emergency exit for a reason.