Fci 7100 Back Door

Hi guys got screwed by seller when buying panel
got a refund from Ebay and got to keep the panel but i don’t have the level 4 password

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Did you check the installation manual? It could possibly have the default level 4 password.

Here is the manual… http://firealarmresources.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/FCI-7100-manual.pdf

It only has 1 and 3. No 4.

For anyone who may have a backdoor, this is just a reminder to not post it publicly. Please PM the user instead. Thanks!

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I found the Level 4, I sent you a PM Newton.

Could i technically use a 24v psu to power the panel as the transformer for the unit is 120v

NO. Do not do that; you will likely fry your panel.
You might be able to find a 240V transformer that’s compatible with your panel, however.

Use a 240 to 120 volt step down transformer. They are probably cheaper and easier to find. General recommendation is to use a transformer rated 2 to 3 times the load rating. The FCI-7100 datasheet lists the panel at 120 volts @ 2 amps (240 VA) 50 or 60 Hz. That rating is at full load in alarm. Standby power draw is much less. A 500 watt transformer would cover that. Many are available for $50 or less.

There is no Back Door to any of the Gamewell-fci systems. However on a 7100, you can change the chip out on the board and it will default the panel including the password.

I sent him a pm with the password he needs to reset it.

Is there a lockout if you enter the code too many times ?

i know this thread is old, ccs46 can you please pm me the info as well, i am having same issues as above…


i know this thread is a little old, can you please pm me the information to reset code please?


PM Sent.

Will HRFiretek or CCS46 please PM me the same programming passcode info? I’m a veteran tech as well and need to add some heat detectors to a 7100 panel that hasn’t been touched by the original installer since it was put in and they our not around to be found.

Has anyone been able to successfully gain access to program the 7100-1D? I’m currently stir with two system with a customer whom want us to take over the central station. Does anyone have the ability to gain access without the current passcode?

Could someone also pm me the passcode?

Just a reminder of one of our rules:

[quote] P8.* Do not publically post panel access codes or backdoor instructions. If you need to ask or tell someone a code, do it over PM. [/quote]

I have a customer whom is trying to change monitoring and the level 4 password has been changed from the default and the installing company is now out of business. Is there a backdoor to change back to default? I have seen similar posts, can someone please PM me the process?

Unfortunately there is no way to change the level 4 programming code unless you know it.
You have to be an FCI ESD to do so.