Fire Alarm Fails

Post some Fire Alarm Fails Here If You Have Any

Here is a Personal One:
Very weird use of a Stopper, Especially when Some of the Simplex T-Bars didn’t have any.
They should have used a plastic cover. I Wonder if the siren is turned on!

Location: Discovery World: Milwaukee, WI

that’s not a fail, the stopper isn’t labeled for fire alarm use

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I understand It does not have the Fire message, but it is labeled as a pull station protector not a light switch cover. That is what makes it a fire alarm fail.

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Wall mount genesis on the ceiling

(Photo courtesy of my brother)


Fire Lite Ms-10UD Found OPEN and Unlocked. This could be a problem if someone pulled the alarm and reset it.
Made sure to close it and notify management.

Found these in a Brazilian airport

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System Sensor L-Series on the ceiling at a store on Mackinac Island.

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One of my local Pizza Ranch’s that was just built a couple of years ago has a few wall mount Wheelock LED3’s on the ceiling.

My church has many wall mount Wheelock NS’s on the ceiling.

My local bowling alley has a Gentex commander 3 on the ceiling.

All of these devices are on the ceiling but next to a wall with the strobe pointing towards the wall. The least the installer could do if they are going to put them on the ceiling would be to point the strobe towards the room. If they did this, it might be acceptable.

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Well Wall mount strobes are not rated for ceiling use. The strobe does not properly provide noticeable notification. It’s also worrying that they were facing the wall. By that point they should just move them to the wall.

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Someone got a little angry


What the heck wow very angry

Jeez what got into the person who did that

And the AHJ is even angrier

So, yesterday I walked into a Kroger. I wander over to the bakery, and there, hanging from the ceiling by its wires, was a SpectrAlert Advance ceiling mount horn/strobe. And by no means was this an old Kroger. When I say it is new, I mean it had opened 2 days earlier! Later, in that same store, was a duct detector key switch that HAD THE KEYS IN IT! Come on, do a better job.

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they could still be doing some work on the system.

Well, technically, it would still be a violation.

It’s embarrassed by its own existence.

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They only had 1 simple job to do. Only to mount it to the ceiling.

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They did, A kid ripped it down.

Ughhhh. Little kids sometimes…