Fire alarm jokes

-I was just watching an episode of Family Guy in hwich Meg holds Brian hostage in a hotel. I thought to myself “Meg sure put up a lot of candles. Hopefully they have a reliable fire alarm system; perhaps a Hweelock. You just can’t go wrong with Hweelock.”

-Integrity is a good thing- as long as it isn’t screaming in your ears at 3:00 in the morning.

-Wheelock used to make good sounding horns, but now they just sound CHEAP!! CHEAP!! CHEAP!!


Where are the jokes? :?:

I believe we had this topic before, I just cant find it…

Thanks FACP, so glad you waited this long to make that totally useless post.

-System sensor is releasing a new rear-mount MA/SS called the MYA/SS

-In Soviet Russia, fire alarms pull you!

P.S. These probably suck as bad as the first ones.

I don’t think that first one is really appropriate for these forums.

I don’t know, I chuckled a little bit when I read that one. That one was probably the best one so far if you ask me.

I apologize if I offended anyone.

I think they were both funny.

The first one was the funny one! Lol its not that inappropriate.

All right, I admit it was pretty funny, and with the way kids are exposed to this language at even younger ages nowadays, it’s probably not that inappropriate.

In the grand scheme of things it’s really not that bad. I have heard/used much worse. I belong to another forum that is lax about that stuff, and I mean lax.

It is the internet. You can’t worry to to much about what is said. I know I have probably called people out for language perhaps here and on other forums but the efforts are futile.

Kid’s are exposed to alot my view on it is as long as it does not harm them or make them seriously uncomfortable then it’s not a huge deal. Ass is not really anything bad. If you started talking about sexual intercourse or sexual jokes I think that might cross the line a bit. Kids in elementary school make sexual jokes… its just a sign of the times unfortunately.

In the end, the biggest thing is making sure I feel is that a child is not exposed to material that hurts them. we have enough trouble keeping the freaks off the web and away from innocent language is probably the least of our worries.

You’re right about that, I remember a few years ago at a family party, my cousin (in 4th grade at the time) came up to me and started telling me some raunchy jokes. It really surprised the hell out of me and also just goes to show you what kids are being exposed to.

Isn’t this forum only for people over 13? I see no problem with keeping the blog at a PG-13 level. Not really too concerned about the children here.

I could totally make a joke similar to simplex 2901-9833’s about AS’s, but it pretty much writes itself.

Did you hear about that new tamper dye? It glows under UV light. It’s made by Siemens.

Harvard University is having some security issues. It’s science building’s annunciator was vandalized, there was a broken strobe in the chem lab, and its math building needs a new Dictograph.

Q: What came before the SpectrAlert Advance?
A: The SpectrAlert Color.

I like the first one best, what can I say? I’m a sucker for off-colored jokes.

LOL, game boy FTW! :smiley:

Maybe they’ll have the SpectrAlert DS next, followed by DSi, DSLite, DSi XL, 3DS…
DS would have dual strobes (like the double-strobe units that they used to have)
DSi would have an integrated camera (surveillance)
DS Lite would be a smaller model…
DSi XL would have larger strobes…
3DS, well, maybe have strobes mounted at angles.