Fire alarms at the worst/best times

Here you can post any experience when a fire alarm went off at a bad time (eg: switching classes) or the best time (eg: a test you didn’t study for)

In the 7th grade, I stayed after-school one day and I was walking to the gym to go with my friend, then the fire alarm went off and I had no idea wether to go back to my class or to the gym, so I ran towards my class and remembered my friend was still there. Then the alarms stopped and over the PA they said it was just a false alarm.

Happened to me one time when I was in junior high school. I was taking a shower in the gym when the alarm went off. It was a Simplex 4051 horn so I nearly jumped out of my skin.

The best timing of a fire alarm…
When I was on my high school baseball team me and some other teammates visited a 3rd grade class.
I smoked at the time and my pack of cigarettes was showing in my pocket of my shorts. A kid noticed it and asked me if I smoke. I didn’t want the kids to know that I smoke because that would be a bad influence, but I didn’t want to lie, I was thinking of how to answer the question when the fire alarm sounded. When we came back in the question was forgotten. There was an announcement that it was a system malfunction.

The worst timing of a fire alarm…
Me and my girlfriend ditched class and were in a back hallway kissing when there was a fire drill.

And that is why I will never sit under any horn no matter what it is.

In any medical center about to receive a test, e.g. blood pressure check. Or, of course, any surgical procedure, no matter how trivial.

My worst time was in the second grade, we were just about the be dismissed, when the fire alarm goes off. No one left until the alarm was silenced. So, we actually got held back in the school, after school was over.

My junior high school did fire drills for after-school activities in the school. Is that a common thing to do?

I don’t think so. That is smart of your school, though.

So I guess it was something that the administration would have wanted to do and thought that it was a good idea.

Worst time: Once I was at a summer program, and there was a drill when I got in the shower. The alarms were Space Age 2DCD’s on AV-32 light plates on 120 BPM march time I believe. They were a little startling, to say the least. And even using the bathroom isn’t really the best time.

Best time: In high school in Functions, Statistics and Trig class. Our teacher was horrible, so any break was great. The alarms, which were in the rooms also, were CP U-MMT’s set on Steady Horn but did Code-3 from the panel. Those were a bit overkill. Great timing though.

Were the horns in the bathroom itself? I know how incredibly loud those horns are.

Oh gosh no, thank heavens.

Haha could you imagen being in the bathroom when they go off

The fear of that happening (and not knowing that the devices in the bathrooms were STROBES) ruined elementary school for me.

I had 2DCDs in my high school, which were on continuous so I know how incredibly loud and ear-splitting they all can be.

The worst time was the time my senior year I went into the restroom before the class bell rang because we knew of a fire drill happening that period. Well once the class bell rang so did the fire alarms because they wanted to make sure people were “prepared for any circumstance.”

What were the horns that went off in your high school? And was there a horn in the restroom?

My worst time (which really wasn’t that bad) was when I was washing my hands after using the restroom. I was in the 5th grade then, and there were two kids playing with pencil top erasers on the paper towel dispenser that had faces drawn on them. There were TrueAlert horn/strobes in the hallways and classrooms, and a TrueAlert remote strobe in the restroom.

Simplex strobes were in the bathroom but most of the high school has the -9236’s (Rectangular/Electronic) Horn/Strobes.