Fire alarms at the worst/best times

How was that bad for you?

It wasn’t bad, it was just my worst time. I haven’t add many false alarms in my life… I would say it was the worst because I was separated from my class.

try having a horn strobe in the restroom.

There’s a department store in my area that has a horn/strobe in a small one person restroom that is the size of a walk-in closet. I would hate to be in there if it went off.

Me too it’s goes off and I’d be like holy crap

I know some school bathrooms do have horns in them. NewAgeServerAlarm’s middle school had 9219s in the bathrooms.

Worst: I once had 3 fire drills on the same day in 3rd grade, on my birthday, while watching a movie. :x

Best: When I was bored out of my mind in French class, the alarms went off. :lol:

3? Sheesh. At my elementary school, we only had 2 fire drills if we had more than one a day.

I doubt most schools would do more than one drill per day. Those were probably false alarms.

Worst: Three false alarms on Halloween while having 3rd Grade class party. (Smoke detectors were set off by fog machines)

Best: False alarm during MAPS testing in computer lab :smiley:

In the class right before lunch.

Yeah, it was terrible. We only had 3 because of how horrible we did on the first two drills. The third drill, they didn’t even sound the alarms! They only told us to evacuate.

It’s technically still a fire drill. Lol. There has been quite a few instances throughout my middle school and high school days where they came over the PA System and gave us voice instruction to leave the building and didn’t sound the alarms. Mainly because it was one big building (and one big alarm system). If the middle school or high school had too many conflicts or whatever the reason may have been, then they’d just do their drills separately and not sound the alarms that month. As anxious as I was for the alarms to go off I was kind of bummed when I heard the PA tone go off followed by an announcement instead of the alarms. :lol:

No. They were definitely not pulled. We would do one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Some schools have morning and afternoon kindergarten, so they may have done two drills in one day to make sure that everyone was able to participate.

Yeah, it usually happened when I was in elementary school, though there was one year that kindergarten was all day.

Once I had to use the restroom in school and while I was using the restroom I thought “what if the fire alarm sounded while

I was using the bathroom that would be terrible” ironically 5-10 seconds later the fire alarm sounds.

Just thinking about that and then it having to happen would have scared the crap out of me. :lol:

worst time: when I was in the locker room getting dressed

all of the students stayed in the lockeroom

it happened to me today

You would not find me rushing out half dressed. I would at get dressed and get my stuff together.

I had a fire alarm years ago in middle school. It was smoke from a heating unit that malfunctioned as I recall. I had all my books and AlphaSmart (a word processor device used before laptops were really allowed in classrooms) set up on a desk in the library. The alarm went off and I started gathering all my things and packing up. The librairan came up to me and yelled "HURRY UP JAKE THATS THE FIRE ALARM." She was practically having a fit that I was not as worried as she was. My responce something along the lines of "Yea thanks I am not f'ing stupid, I am not leaving my stuff behind" landed me a detention. However! if there was ever a real problem backpacks and personal items could be stuck there for days or even damaged. My AlphaSmart had probably two weeks of work in it. We were stuck outside for almost an hour as they fully investigated. Staying behind for a few seconds could be deadly but meh, I'm not to worried about it. I was not loosing all that work :)

A school should not be sending children outside not fully dressed or ready to be outside for an extended period of time unless it's an actual emergency and they have a contingency plan in place. IE bring in school busses to keep students warm and at a safe distance. Yes, a real emergency can happen when you are naked in the shower with a fist grab for towels but in a real emergency I don't think you would see an orderly evacuation anyway.