Fire Alarms in video games

in the game “Bully” there are simplex T-bars you can pull and then the bells go off.

Did you ever use the digital camera you get in the game to zoom in on the pulls? it looks like it says “Pull Down” on the T-bar with a red arrow. There is also what appears to be a key reset on it -talk about realistic!

In Call of Duty 4, on a specific map (the name escapes my mind), there is a Wheelock MT in the stairwell.

In the Terminator 2 arcade game, in the Skynet office, there are MTs on posts.

In GTA IV several buildings have Gamewell M46 Full Moon stations

In Team Fortress 2, there are FIRE BELLS in all of the included maps.

In Metal Gear Solid 2, there are smoke sensors in the locker room of the Tanker level, as well as 6" bells and Euro call points.

In “The Simpsons Hit & Run” when you are inside Springfield Elementary School, there is a Simplex T-bar pull in the hallway with a bell above it. You can even pull the alarm! When you do, the bell rings in Continuous and you hear Principal Skinner say over the PA system(“Remain calm, students! All is well in the school. My authority as principal is total… static cuts off

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Idk about what bully game you have but I have scholarship editon and its has BG-10s.

Looks like an integrity to me.

He’s talking about the original bully for PS2, scholarship edition is the revised one for Wii and X-box 360.

The first version of the game, it should be T-Bars. I’ve seen them before as well.

The map in call of duty 4 is backlot i know enough. lmao im a level 25 2nd prestige. :smiley:
and in GTA IV the hospitals have UK call points in them

In perfect dark zero, there is a level that takes place in a nightclub, and in order to avoid collateral damage, you have to activate one of the pull stations, which are futuristic-looking callpoints. The alarm itself sounds like some fast whoop.

Also, can you PLEASE show me a picture of the fire alarm on backlot?

In Shadow OPS Red Mercury there are 4" or 6" fire bells in some of the levels. In Golden Eye 007 for the N64, There are fire bells in some levels.

I believe in Sims 2 University you can set off the sprinklers. I don’t know I’ve seen it in videos but I haven’t played it. I hope to get Sims 3 when it comes out though.

With the sprinkler, it puts out the fire and floods the floor. There are also normal smokes in the sims 2 that automatically call the Fire Department to come to the house.

Yea, there are also green door release versions. I wish you could activate em’. I even put a rocket into one of them, and still didn’t go off, lol.

Yeah… I was trying to mod those smokes a little while back. I wanted to make them into ESL 449CSTs, and make them do code 3.

I was able to make them on the ceiling instead of on the wall.

Oh… hows that?

I downloaded a mod off some site.

Here is an alarm I just did in Hammer, the map editor for Half-Life 2 and other Source®™ games. It uses only textures that are included in the games, no custom ones. As you can see, it’s an Integrity-style horn on a plate that could be considered a mix between a -9101 and -9501 (or is it -9105?) I haven’t done any coding to make it sound/flash yet. BTW the “First Alert” is from the fire extinguisher in the cs_office map.

I just noticed this while I was playing GTA San Andreas: When you are in Las Vegas, inside the police headquarters, there are signs on the walls that say “Sprinklers Throughout Building”