Fire Drills, Severe Weather Drills, Lockdowns, Evacuation Drills for the 2023-2024 School Year

You said that you were a senior in HS last year

I said that I was going to be a senior I could have also missworded

Ohh ok. I see now. I commonly misword things too

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During the drill i noticed like 3 dead horns though

My high school had the first fire drill of the year two days ago. It is a combination of mostly Gentex commander threes and a few Simplex true Alearts in the newer area. I am very confused though, because the annunciator is Simplex, but there are bg-12s in the older sections, and t-bars in the newer? Simplex Took over the system?? Also my high school has red, large FIRE ALARM hanging signs as well as metal plates with holes in the walls. Pictures coming soon. When the fire alarm went off, the teachers were confused, and we went to the back parking lot where we were told to make way for the fire trucks. They never came because there was not a real fire. Lol.

My school had its first drill during 3rd hour today. They usually last only a couple of minutes. We go out to the parking lot as soon as they sound, there is never an announcement. It’s always nice to hear the 2901-9840s on 4002 code three sounding. I also noticed that despite being installed, along with the horns, in the 80s the 2904-9101 strobes are all synced with each other.

Had my Second Fire Drill just now,

I was doing work in my College Study Skills class when I heard the 2901-9806 Horns in the Hallway Go off, we left the class, with the 9806es Blaring in continuous, with the 4903-9101s proudly flashing with them. Once we got outside, I heard the Wheelock MT Horn in Code 3, and 2901-9838s outside the portables blaring continuously as well. The 9838s were skipping like a 7002t, as if there was a sync module powering the Portable Horns. I think the Portables are a separate system, as they Silenced a few minutes before the rest of the system. I saw Campus Security securing all the doors in the portables, and then we reentered after a while.

It was weird hearing Mechanical Simplex horns for a Drill before, as all of my other schools had electronic horns.

(Pictured is a Simplex 4903-9101 with a 2901-9806, these are in the majority of the school. I saw this one go off with this drill…)

I had my drill a few days ago. simplex mechanical ADA horn/strobes (model unknown.) some were two-wire, some were four-wire, and one of them had a truealert horn it it, which could be heard throughout most of the school.

My school has a notifier onyx with dvc. We had an unplanned fire alarm a few days ago, and the alarms did several rounds of the code-3 520hz tone. Then it said “the fire alarm has been activated in the building” no “may I have your attention please,” or “please proceed to the nearest exit and leave the building.” Very odd

That may have been either an error in the panel, or someone changed up the message the EST 2 or 3 in my elementary school had a different evac tone and message with almost every activation.

My school district does 4 of each drills every year. Just this past Monday (Sep/18/23) we had our 1st Fire Drill. The next fire drill should happen sometime next mouth, and i’m gonna be helping out with the drill as i’m setting them off, making sure everyone gets out safely and check if all alarms are working properly. My school has a full out Wheelock system. Alarms: Wheelock AS’s, Wheelock Exceders, Celing mount Exceders, Wheelock NS’s, Wheelock RSS strobes in classrooms and bathrooms and 1 MT-24. The pulls are all Johnson Controls BG-12s and the panel is also made by Johnson Controls.

As of today, a fire drill and lockdown drill have been fully conducted at my school. On September 14th, the fire drill occurred twice (one in each building at my school). I witnessed the drill in the newer building, which has an EST3 system, and EST Genesis Speaker-Strobes on the default 1200hz Code 3. The other building uses Gentex Commander 3s, which are reportedly set to Code 3 Horn. As for the lockdown drill, they used a rather interesting approach compared to my old school… today, they conducted the lockdown drill by sounding the bell system (likely a Bogen system of some sort, I’m unsure and want to figure it out…) in a code-3 pattern. As for the bell, it produces a 440hz tone over the loudspeakers. I still don’t know what kind of bell system it is, but I want to know. For reference, my school uses a combination of Simplex and Sapling synchronized clocks.

we are due for our second fire drill I missed our first drill because I was out sick

We have already had 2 drills this year, as well as an activation because of someone vaping in the bathroom.

My school had a surprise fire drill during 3rd period today with no warning whatsoever.

In our district, usually the FD will come by annually and do a surprise drill. Maybe that is what was happening. Do you guys have to do that every once in a while?

We do that usually once a month or once every other month at school.

Had another fire drill, the 2nd one of the year, today after 2 weeks since the last drill, because the fire department was “not satisfied” with the evacuation process last drill. This time I was in the older building which uses a Notifier system and Gentex Commander 3 NA’s. The alarms sounded around 9:50am, and I was able to hear the STI Stopper with Horn over the pull station being triggered a few seconds before. While we still evacuated pretty slow in my opinion, the principal later said that we “did a much better job with evacuating quickly, turning off the lights, and closing the doors on our way out.” The fire department was satisfied, meaning we likely won’t have another drill until the spring.

Also a bonus; it happened during a quiz, so everyone in my class whipped their phones out while we were outside and cheated :laughing: