Fire Drills, Severe Weather Drills, Lockdowns for the 2015-2016 School year

This thread is like the one Brandon made however! It is for the current upcoming school year and there is one change: You can post all Drills that occur. (Fire Drill, Lockdown Drill, Severe Weather drills, obsessed idiot attacks. :lol: Just kidding.) and also any “real thing” emergencies that you would like to share. (Real Fires, Real Severe weather emergencies, Lockdowns, Bomb threats.)

My school year doesn’t start till the 24th of August, so I will post when I have one. It will most likely be the 2nd week of school. I will try and get a video of the new 4100 voice evac system they put in this summer! No more MT’s on High Volume! :smiley:

I would think a false alarm also counts as a drill if the building was evacuated. I was woken up early this morning by the fire alarm! Turns out a waterflow sensor tripped. In a building this new, I guess you have to expect stuff like that.


Indeed it does. That was why I made an updated topic. :smiley:

Little late, but here is our first fire drill of high school. High School Fire Drill 9-04-15 - YouTube

The system is an addressable notifier system, coded to temporal whoop. I am sad, because the old system was replaced only 2 years ago. That system had Faraday 241Ms, 450D Horns, and Chemitronics “Dome” Heat detectors. Anyway, I tried to record as best I could, without getting caught. Enjoy!

So far my high school has had three “soft” lockdowns in the few weeks we have been in school. One was due to police activity in the area as a result of the police officer killed in Fox Lake, which is close nearby. After that we were kept on “reverse lockdown” for several days. The other two were both non-credible threats within the building. My principal likes to keep what goes on in the building very “transparent” so we always get explanations of what happened via email, though obviously with some details redacted.

We had our first fire drill of the year last Tuesday. The new Blue Point lockdown system was then tested the next day, just to familiarize everyone with the tones that will be used, so it wasn’t actually a “drill” so to speak. This system was not utilized during the three lockdowns, since it is apparently not totally ready yet.

Whats a reverse lockdown.

Everything is normal inside the building, but there are tighter restrictions on who is allowed in and out during the day and “security” (basically just teachers without classes that period) posted at the entrances.

It happened again! This is the sixth, count it, sixth time this has happened this semester! And none of them have been planned!


Had a false alarm a couple days ago.


We FINALLY had our first fire drill of the year!


This happened last Wednesday at approximately 10:30AM, during second period. I have Woodworking at this time, and we were in the classroom doing drafting. The teacher was out of the room, when the alarm sounded a round and a half of Code 3 before shutting off. For the next minute, we all kind of stood around wondering what to do. Our teacher returned and informed us it was a drill, just as the alarm resounded.

He also commented, “That’s how good our new system works”. In 2014, they replaced the old 4002 with an EST FireShield Plus. There was a ground fault problem last year, but that was fixed by November of 2014.

IDK why it took so long to have this drill, nor when the next one will be. However, I do know that we will be having a lockdown drill next Tuesday during last period. However, I do not think I will record this, since lockdown drills are usually pretty boring.


This happened today at the Edmon Low Library as I was passing through to get to my bike. The fire alarms went off as I walked in!

You guys have been having a lot of false alarms lately.


Here is the second fire drill of the year, taken on Tuesday at 2:30, less than a week after our last one! I apologize for the alarm sounding so quiet, which I’ll explain in a moment.

When this drill happened, we knew about it roughly a week beforehand. This was during my final period, when I have Science. Our teacher told us that we would be having a substitute teacher, since she was taking her kids to see The Wiggles. We were going to write a unit test. Final Period starts at 2:23, and after factoring in time to take attendance, give instructions and hand out the test, we would just get started when the alarm would go off, so the sub just let us sit around and do our own thing until the drill.

Now, why the alarms seemed so quiet. This may be in part by the sudden reaction by the class, plus the kid attempting to start a fire drill conga line. However, we actually passed by three non-functioning signals on our way out! I believe they’re not done rewiring the NACs, so one of the NACs is resistored off. You can also hear the EST annunciator sounding Code 3.

Those are still a thing? Those were popular when I was a kid. Like 10 years ago!

I have a couple more false alarms to share. Seems as though we’ve set a trend for setting the fire alarm off.



We had our second scheduled fire drill of the year today. It was about 15 minutes before they silenced the signals and gave the ‘all clear’ once we had gotten outside. Unfortunately, it interrupted a pretty intense game of gym floor hockey, but the alarms are almost better than that, am I right? :roll:

It seems like our school is much more diligent with fire drills this year.

We had a fire drill yesterday at 9:30, when I have ICT. I didn’t record this drill, since it was more or less the same as any other drill we’ve had. However, what did disturb me is how my teacher reacted, or rather, didn’t react. When the alarm went off, we all logged off our computers, gathered our stuff and took our sweet time leaving, since it was -5 outside. Our teacher, on the other hand, didn’t even ACKNOWLEDGE the fact that the fire alarm was ringing! Just as we were leaving the classroom, about 30 seconds after the alarm went off, he said, and I quote:

“Is that the fire alarm?”

Keep in mind that there is a bell DIRECTLY OUTSIDE THE COMPUTER LAB. Our teacher is notorious for being a hippy back in the day, and he is a prime example of why kids shouldn’t do drugs.

Also, we had our lockdown drill for the first semester last Tuesday at 2:00, when I have Geography. Nothing really special, other than a typical 10-minute rant about how kids don’t take these sitting-duck drills seriously enough.

Over here on the California Coast, they really have been taking these Fire Drill seriously this year, about one per quarter. Although, they have been lacking in the maintenance department as I have been finding fire extinguishers out of inspection by about 4 months left and right around here.

We had a false fire alarm last Friday. My class that period had a new substitute teacher who was unfamiliar with the evacuation procedures, so I assisted her with that.

Apparently the alarm was activated in an exercise room when a jump rope knocked a smoke detector head out of the base. I thought that this should only cause a trouble in the system. Does anybody have any explanation for why losing a smoke detector head would put the system into alarm?

What smoke detector and or system is it?