Fire, Lockdown, Severe Weather, Tornado, Shelter-in-Place, and other Emergency Drills for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

So, the next academic year is about to arrive. Are you prepared for some more emergency drills to come? Well, let’s find out.

NOTE: I posted this earlier than the usual time, as I’ve seen that some school districts begin earlier than what they’ve been lately.

This topic is the 10,000th topic!

Huh??? Wait!

As you can actually see, it’s the ten thousandth topic.

HOW can someone, an administrator, can mark this as “Sticky”?

Wait for one to decide to sticky it.

The year/semester hasn’t started yet so there isn’t much point stickying it just yet anyway.

When’s the best time, though

Also, mark the 2018 topic as “Standard Topic”

I made this topic sticky. Where I am K-12 starts in 3 weeks, so not long. Last term’s topic is now normal.

Yay! Finally!

And what does the “+’” the “-” mean?

I can’t find a “+” in any of the previous posts, including mine.

My post references [size=150]K - 12[/size] which is part of the URL for the county school system, Kindergarten through 12th grade.

This also includes summer school drills.

I think summer school is pretty much wrapped up now.

Are you gonna have all three drills during the Activity Period this school year?

most likely

Let’s see!

No drills, still?

school has barely started for most people