Fire Protection Jeopardy

We’ve had question-and-answer quiz topics on this forum before, but I don’t think anyone’s ever flipped it around! So now, instead of answering the question, you’ll have to ask the right question that goes with the answer!

And if you’ve got any ideas, go ahead and ask (or rather, answer!) them here. So…

This model of representing fire includes the elements of heat, fuel, oxygen, and a chemical chain reaction.

Incorrect! Also, needs to be in the form of a question :mrgreen:

This type of signaling is intended for response by trained building personnel, rather than the general public, and is exempt from certain notification requirements.

What is private mode?

Ding ding! You are correct.

This device is used in sprinkler systems to prevent momentary surges in water pressure from causing false alarms.

Tamper Switch?

I’m sorry. That’s incorrect. “What is a retard(ing) chamber?”

This NFPA code is also known as “Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in Low-Rise Residential Occupancies”.

What is NFPA 13R?


The four main types of automatic sprinkler system are wet, dry, deluge, and ______.

What is pre-action?

What is the fire tetrahedron?

What is a pre-action system?


This chemical compound is also known as type ABC fire extinguisher agent.

What is Monoammonium Phosphate?


This factor, referred to by a single letter, is a way to express the relationship between flow rate and pressure with the unit of gpm/sqrt(psi).

What is M?

This panel is infamous for its CPU faults. It is the previous generation of mid-size panels from a company that has changed hands twice during the duration of this panel’s manufacturing.

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Incorrect. “What is K?” is the correct response.

What is EST3?

Close, but incorrect!