Florida Tornado Warning

There is a tornado warning in Central Florida. Tornado warnings are pretty much rare in Florida. This isn’t good for the major attractions in Orlando.

i hope you and your faimly are safe good luck

Thanks! Nothing is really happening in my area yet but lightning and thunder. The winds aren’t really high or anything. It’s the areas around me where it is bad. I’m hoping it will go around me because I’m on the beach. :shock:

ooh i bet being on the beach is nice :slight_smile: but again good luck

Thanks! Yes, it is nice, but the salty breeze damages flags, and cars have to be washed more often.

It is over now. My power never went out, but houses a street down lost power. They experienced a brownout. There was also a lot of mud and pieces of grass spread around the road, and in everyone’s driveway. The city was quick to clean everything up, including my driveway. :smiley:

Ok that’s good news glad you and your family are ok

Thank you!

I’m happy I took my flag down, the pole would have probably been knocked right off of the wall.

were the winds that bad down there?

No, not that bad. I’m not sure that the mph was. It’s just that I have a 6 foot flag pole mounted 45 degrees on the edge of the roof (on the wooden paneling) on the back of my house in my backyard. Whenever the wind picks up, the screws vibrate, and the screw holes become larger until the flag pole starts to slant. This has happened only once on a windy day, so I was afraid that the abnormally high winds would have cased the pole to fall off. I don’t think the winds got more than 30 mph, though.

To summarize this event, it was windy and rainy. There was also a lot of thunder and lightning.

Ooh ok might want to put silicon in the screw hole to maybe hold it in place

Thanks you, that is a good idea. I might try that. I usually use that with door hinges, I can’t believe I didn’t think of using it with the flag pole. Anyway, I have moved it to a different spot that is more stable. To keep it simple, there is enough wood in this spot for the entire screw to go through, whereas the other spot had only enough wood for part of the screw to go through. So, I think this spot should hold up better.

Ok,is that the new spot or the old one

I hit the edit button to add text on the previous post, but I guess it never went through. Basically what I was going to say was notice at 0:40 when the wind sped up. During the tornado warning it was a little bit windier. Also notice how the flag pole is shaking, that is what I was talking about. The flag pole will shake too much, loosening the screws. Usually, I can just tighten the screws, but I had to move it to allow the entire screw to go through wood. When I say “wood”, I actually mean this cheap alternative, it is the same material that is used to make clipboards, but thicker. It is a lot of thin sheets of cardboard compressed together. This is the new spot, which is an inch above the old spot, lol. I recorded that video at about 5pm today, and it was windy. When I recorded it, the wind wasn’t as rough, but it presented the general idea. Usually, the flag just hangs down, or waves in the wind, but it was actually whipping this time. The sky looks dark, but it was actually blue and sunny. My phone has a terrible camera.

ooh ok, dose your house have strructural issues? just by the way your talking about the wood being thin.

This is a video of it during normal conditions.

No, my house does not have structural problems. I mounted my flag on where the roof sticks out. Even that does not have structural issues. The wood is not thick enough for all of the screw to go through, and the flag pole mounting bracket does not have screw holes in appropriate places, so the flag pole sloops down sometimes. If any part of my house had structural problems, I would not be living there.

Wow. My parents own a house in coastal Texas and when I visit, I always take note of how salty the air is. It corrodes everything, and I don’t like it. (I sound just like Anakin Skywalker right now lol)

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