Greensboro Coliseum fire alarms


That one E90 with the wall-orientation strobe is very strange: heck I don’t think Wheelock even makes such models meaning a strobe from a wall-mount device must have been put on it! (for some reason)

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It is pretty cool, when i was there for the basketball game i thought it was cool that they had such appliances

By the way have you heard of the new company loganetics made, albeit being new it is cool, you should check it out yourself

Here is the link

I think your first picture didn’t process correctly.

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Yes it didn’t idk why

I don’t believe so: are they one of the members like 4050-80 who are making their own products?

You know, I didn’t even notice that at first!

Yes they are im thinking about buying one

By the way, what are 4050-80s products

Oh, okay.

I forget. I wanna say one of them was a line of homemade panels though.

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