HenBasket’s Dormitory Evacuations!

College is upon me, and since I am staying in the on-campus dorm, that means I have to put up with kids who can’t cook, or those who decide it’s a good idea to smoke marijuana in their rooms. Anyways, I will be posting the videos of them here (after I edit them for time and content).

Here are the first three alarms I’ve experienced so far:




More cooking mishaps!


Really nice videos you got! I like how they came out!

Thanks! I had to censor quite a lot because it’s college, and you know how old a majority of the audience for these videos is…

I imagine it would have been a lot worse if there were electromechanical horns.

It depends on the horns. 9838’s would have been more bearable than TrueAlertES’s on full blast.

Also depends whether or not they are in a back hallway HEAD level from an exit door and it comes with an unbearable echo in continuous.

Like the exit door in the Teen Center at my high school!

(Nothing compares to 2DCDs though)

Two alarms within one hour!


This one has explicit language:


Number seven!

(Also has explicit language)


I thought while I was away at college for a few years, my dorm was bad with fire alarms. Like you had mentioned in the first post of this topic, the alarms in my dorm were usually caused by people who didn’t know how to cook, mostly by failing to follow simple directions (prime example; burning something such as mac and cheese by not adding water). Night time alarms are the worst, had one go off at 1:30 in the morning due to cooking (yeah, 1:30 in the morning is a GREAT time for mac and cheese somehow). I’ve got plenty of dorm alarm stories and theories of how people don’t know how to follow simple directions while cooking (especially with mac and cheese), but I think it’s too much for this one reply to this topic…maybe another time (though I do love telling these stories). :smiley:

Based on the videos you have shared on this topic, I’m shocked. SEVEN alarms already in the academic year? That’s quite a bit! On a more serious note, cool videos, and interesting to see TrueAlert ES’s in action. Considering that this is probably a new building, I do wonder if some things have to be worked out on the system, such as fine tuning the sensitivity on the detectors.

There was an eighth, but my phone didn’t want to record. Not to worry though, there will be plenty more. Uhg

Apparently, YouTube was able to read the file. Must’ve been corrupted somehow, anyways…

Language Warning


Not an evacuation, but I made a trailer using previous evacuations. Vulgar language is involved.


I think I jinxed it…


Two days in a row this week?! Geez…never even had that happen in my dorming experiences. Supposedly there was a time where they were set off two times in one night (though I was not present for that).

While it’s great to see the system is doing its job, something is seriously not right here that every cooking (and/or smoking) incident seems to activate the system. I still have a gut feeling that the sensitivity on the detectors is a bit too touchy, and should be fine tuned at some point. Either that, or replace the detectors near the kitchen with heat detectors, that would at least cut down on the cooking related alarms. This could work, or maybe adjustments were already made and I’m wrong.

On the resident end, something that should definitely happen is a dorm-wide cooking seminar of sorts. At least with a cooking seminar, people would know some tips and tricks on how to cook a little better, and maybe reduce the amount of cooking related alarms that happen. I’m not saying that other students have to be the best chef in the world, but at least know enough how to cook something properly (ex: something as simple as Mac and Cheese, know that water is a MUST to cook it without burning it). :lol:

While the system works, I did notice one deficiency: the fire door in my suite’s hallway doesn’t automatically release. Other than that, it’s good.

In my most recent video, you could see me looking at the detectors. That’s because one of my suite mates had his fiancée over, and she was cooking. Thankfully for us, that didn’t set it off.

Also, the time Brandon set it off was the second time the alarm went off that day. Not even thirty minutes after we were let back in, he messed up hot dogs.

I want there to be more alarms for my videos, but I also want them to stop because it’s now just a matter of crying wolf. I’m currently working on a skit based off a reply to the 4chan thread I made. Don’t worry, it’s a SFW thread.

That’s certainly something that should be fixed at some point. I wonder if something isn’t wired or configured correctly for the door not to close (based on your videos, it doesn’t seem to be jammed at all).

I understand what you mean there too. The skit sounds funny! I think it can speak for not only you, but all of us who have had to deal with this sort of thing.

I’ll probably need to know how to do CGI smoke, given I probably won’t be able to convince my dorm to allow me to use a fog machine.

I completely forgot to add number 10!

As usual, a language warning.


From the description of that video, the date (not the publish date) says 8/29/18. Are you sure about that?