Heres is my fire alarm collection (which is growing)

Here is my fire alarm collection (as of now). I will be eventually get more alarms soon.

List top to bottom:

1.Kidde Scropio
2.Fire Lite 411UDAC
3.System Sensor SpectrAlert Advance P2R
4.Wheelock NS-24MCW-FW
5.Simplex 4099-9006
6.Edwards 270SPO
7.System Sensor i3 2W-B
8. Wheelock RS
9. Kidde/Code1 i9040 (which I converted to a system detector)
10. System Sensor SpectrAlert Advance P2R
11.System Sensor 2424
12.Wheelock AS-24MCW-FR
13.Fire Lite BG-12
14.The Fake BG-12L
15.Bosch D273
16.Wheelock Exceder STR
17.Gentex Commander3 GECB24-PWB
18. Amseco MBA-10-24 bell
19.Two Wheelock 7002Ts (one is converted to a incandescent light)
20.System Sensor SpectrAlert (2nd Gen.) P241575
21.Wheelock MIZ-TC12-W


Very nice! Start small & build bigger like they say!

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Looks good! Sort of reminds me of the ‘classic’ collectors’ early collections.

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I have a blue Gentex Commander 3!

@Mattias_Peterson Nice!

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You know, it just so happens I got one of my own fairly recently. As far as I know I’m the only collector who owns a blue Commander 3 with the newer lens design (everyone else’s seem to have the older lens design instead).

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Check out my latest collection: My Fire Alarm Collection as of 1/21/22

Both of us have fake alarms! I have a fake SpectrAlert classic!

I’ve got both a knockoff Spectralert & a knockoff BG-12.

I wish I did, too, but I got mine used because it was the only one available with out the older lens but with the newer lens because it’s what the seller had!

I have one with the newer lens butt without the older lens because the seller had it!

Hey CarsonFireAlarm, do you have an EST Genesis?

That explanation makes no sense to me, does yours have the newer lens design or the older lens design? (one or the other)

I do, 2 in fact (one of which is even a rare 1st-generation Genesis with a different sound).

I do, too, but they are both falling apart. That’s why I’m gonna get 4 new ones!

Mine has the newer lens, but I want one with the older lens, too!

Don’t know why they’d be falling apart provided you take good care of them.

Well, all I can say is: look around various places, & you just might find one someday (as they are very rare).

When I was in Hawaii, I went to Whole Foods, and they had Simplex Truealert speaker strobes, with one or 3 strobe-only units, at Foodland Edwards/EST Genesis horn strobes!

To be honest Mattias, this is not really the place to be discussing such a subject, if you want to talk some more about a subject create a topic specifically for that subject or send someone (who is talking about the subject with you) a personal message.