Hooking a phone to a DACT?


In would like to listen to a “'CS report”. Hownwould i hook it up?

Can I?

ever heard a fax machine or dial up before? probably sound something like that.

a DACT dials a DACR and sends some packets of information, which then a live operator at a central station receives through some fancy software usually, and they turn around and call whoever they need to call. not much to listen to coming out of the DACT.

I’m thinking i can use a modem PCI card +code to intepiy the codes.

Andrew did do a video of a similar concept that your referring to. Maybe he has the answer to it?


I want to do the same as that one system test.


What is your Skype?

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The system that Andrew and I designed would be something beyond what you could do.

Because it’s a PBX (phone system) running in Linux and a bunch of scripts that sort the incoming messages and acts based on the settings from a couple of things.

Asterisks cmd AlarmReciver?


If you don’t know how to use Linux then there is no point in going any further.

I am a Linux nerd. I have it on a server, to desktops and a laptop.

Well then have fun trying to figure it out.

It’s not easy, all alarmreceiver() does is translates the signal from the panel to a number string and dumps it into a text file. What you have to do then is disassemble that number string and interpret all the groups of digits.

## # ### ## ### # = how the string is divided into groups of digits. Now for an example:

3792 18 1 110 00 006 4

Then I can have a program decode it and send a email to me

Yeah, if you knew what the codes were…

In the back of my FBII XL-2T manual it has ALL the codes and the order of sending. 8)

The dialer will be set up for Contact ID or one of the SIA codes. A lot of dialer O&Ms list out what it sends for each type of event. I’ve had to do similar to integrate a fire alarm system to a Tyco SWH security system.

Might be worth looking up the O&Ms on a few DACR’s too, like a Radionics D6600 or a Silent Knight SK9000 so you can get familiar with out they operate.

All of your computers are Windows…

lilrags16: You’ll need hardware to convert the phone line into something Asterisk can understand.

ccs46: Wouldn’t surprise me.


He has told me about his linux computers.

70s modem? 80s modem? What??

2 of them m at my house are running XP… The rest are running/getting ready to run Linux