Horn/strobes in bathrooms.

Have you ever seen horn/strobes installed in one person bathrooms the size of a walk-in closet? I have. I’d hate to be in there if it were to go off.

At work. Commander4 in the customer men’s room.

Three identical dorms at Rutgers have TrueAlert horn/strobes inside the very small accessible bathrooms on the first floor. Not sure why they felt this was necessary, as there are also horn/strobes right outside the bathrooms, but what do I know?

The K-mart near me has a SpectrAlert Advance horn/strobe in the small one person bathroom the size of a walk-in closet. There’s a horn/strobe right outside the bathroom!

At a local sporting goods store, there is an AS in the bathroom.

Boy, I was out of there in a hurry. :mrgreen:

The restroom at Edwards Cinema by my house has a Wheelock Speaker/Strobe and a wall mount RSS on the ceiling.

Buildings that have speaker/strobes tend to have them in the bathrooms. Probably because the voice might be difficult to hear from outside the bathroom.

But, why did they have wall mount devices on the roof and every place i’ve been to with speaker strobes this was the first time I seen one in the restroom.

At a boston pizza, I’ve seen an Edwards 4" bell in the washroom, various schools I’ve visited over the years had mini horns in the washrooms, or Edwards Genesis. One school has Simplex -9838s in there.

A couple of small restrooms at the Campanelli Stadium (this is where I work as the Brockton Rox mascot) have Wheelock AS horn/strobes in them. Ouch!

Hart/Burnell Hall at Bridgewater State University originally had Space Age 2DCD+AV32 horn/lights in most (if not all) of the restrooms! (It was a Standard/JC system from 1979.) When they upgraded to a Simplex 4100U system in 2009-2010, some restrooms had TrueAlert horn/strobes (4906-9127s) installed, replacing the Space Age horn/lights, and other restrooms simply had remote TrueAlert strobes replace the old alarms.

How ironic.

It would be more ironic if they actually had Edwards speaker-strobes. :mrgreen:

In small rooms I just see strobes. I remember seeing a speaker/strobe in a large restroom, but not a horn/strobe.

Yeah, it seems like buildings with speaker/strobes tend to have them in large restrooms. Probably because the voice might be difficult to hear from outside of the restroom. Buildings with horn/strobes tend to just have remote strobes in the restrooms as the horn can be heard from outside the restroom.

No, then it would be a coincidence. :slight_smile:

I can remember a Wheelock AS in Ohio, at Lowe’s

The Lowes’ in my area similarly has a horn/strobe in the bathroom. I think it might be an AS. Not sure though. The strobe is vertical. I would think the strobe on the AS is horizontal.

in my school in the restrooms thay have avanceds horn/strobe

Closest I got was the locker room at my high school, which had a 4904-9101+2903-9838 in it. i was actually in there one time when it went off. Since I was farther away from it, it didn’t make me jump as high as the other girls.

My school had tiny restrooms with Simplex TrueAlert Horn/Strobes in there. They’re all set on HIGH volume!