How to make a speaker strobe play a voice evac message without panel

I want to get a EST Edwards Fire Alarm G4HFWF-S7VMC HF speaker strobe and I want to play a voice evac file that I have downloaded without a panel. Thanks!

You can get one if those triggerable mp3 modules.

How would I connect that into my system with just an alarm with light switches for control panel?, Inc. 4 Buttons Triggered MP3 Player Board with 10W Amplifier and Terminal Blocks

The listing that they have the module has a wiring diagram on how to wire it up.

Is this the right one?

Yes. That is the module. I have one, and it works fine with speaker strobes.

Where do I put the fire alarm wires? Also, should I just make my power cable in my other alarm go to this and the speaker strobe? Thanks a lot!

Please refer to this diagram.

You may have to order a microSD card. To configure it, please watch this video.

If you need help on your triggerable mp3 player, shoot a DM so that I can help you with your module to set it up.

Would the alarm I linked have the right terminals to do so? If there are 2 terminals for speaker, which one goes into the one terminal on the alarm linked below.

There are two sets of terminals, one is a speaker terminal and the other is the strobe terminal. You would need to use the speaker terminals from the speaker strobe to the speaker terminals on your module.

That 4-channel one technically works, but the one I use has 20 channels for more messages (it’s wired in the same way though):
20 Channel MP3 Sound Board with 2x15W Amplifier | Electronics123

Well, the model you have is a bit expensive, Carson.

You might be able to do this with a home sound system just by having the 2 speaker wires screwed on the back of the unit station and have the other end wired up to the back of the speaker. Might want to set it on the highest volume wattage setting so you’ll know it works. Not generally ideal of how it would work but the quality should sound well.

Would this one work? I am trying to find a 24vdc one.

Might be expensive but it’s at least less costly than an actual voice panel (more channels than the 4-channel board too).

The speakers shown above are both 70 vrms with a tap transformer in there for the watt you want to tap at. You will probably get some audio out But, not as much output you typically would using the correct voltage. The diagram for the mp3 player is looking for a speaker only device like a car speaker (i think 10 volts at 10 watts i do not do much on speaker only devices ). You might want to look for a 25 vrms speaker just to get a little closer.

Do you have any that you suggest?

You are looking for speaker voltage not strobe voltage. In fire alarm you have 2 flavors 70 vrms and 25 vrms. This excludes high power speaker arrays for mass notification. Where as strobes are 25 volt dc and some times 12 volt dc. All this is todays tech. Generally EST will be have a 7 or 2 in the speaker part number stating 70 or 25 others i am not sure of.

So the alarm I linked above is 24vdc, so that works, right?

If you are referring to the wheel lock speaker strobe the 24vdc is referring to the strobe i believe the E70 is stating it is a 70vrms speaker.