Interesting / Unusual Alarm System Vids

Gonna try my luck at posting videos under the new video guidelines. Would these count as being different from other videos? - Here is a recent video from twoplyboy (not sure if he has an account here); a 270-SPO pull station sets off ceiling-mount speakers–signal coding is the Notifier slow whoop. More info in the video. - Another one of twoplyboy’s latest videos; a panel is being tested, and in the background, a high-pitched slow whoop can be heard. More info in the video. Note the disconnected wires; what are those for? - (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE) White Select-A-strobes above piezos in code-3. These are located throughout a house, which is very unusual for a fire alarm system. There are other piezos (MA/SS sounding) that can be heard in the background. - (bad quality) A very unusual whoop…it reminds me of the old Scientific Prototypes emergency vehicle sirens once used by the NYPD. - VA4 horn/strobes in continuous–notice the one at the beginning that is over a backplate–it replaced an older alarm. Pull stations appear to be of the “Lift and Pull” type (Potter/Radionics).

I hope these videos count as being unusual/interesting…and I’m sorry if they’re not. But then again, videos like the weird slow whoop in video 4 could be considered unusual…

Looks like it could be an apartment. The mini-horn is an in-suite silenceable Simplex model that can be silenced by touching the two little touch-sensitive pads next to the L.E.D.

Here’s an older video in which he explains a similar setup (with the disconnected wires) on an Edwards 6500

Acceptable, just don’t do it often.

Same thing.

Select-A-Strobes are not that uncommon, now if they are the new version, that’s way uncommon.

Federal SelecTone. Still unusual.

VA4s are a bit more common now. - An unusual coding for fire alarm systems–a descending whoop tone. Any ideas on what alarm this might be?

Sounds European. That video was not recorded in the US. - (bad quality) Starting to become a little uncommon these days, are what sound like 2901-9806 horns (signal coding continuous) on Simplex(?) strobe plates.

Still common though, as in we’ve seen enough of them. - This large speaker w/ a Asian woman voice that also sounds a whoop in slow code-3. - (bad quality) Code-3 whoop from inside a home, a rather unusual place to hear such a coding.

Sounds like a home security system. Code/Temporal three is standard coding for fire alarm these days so anything from 9V smokes to a security system is going to do the code three. - An EST panel (presumably) w/ an Integrity horn/strobe + EST photoelectric detector–the strange thing is that (unseen) there is a coded pull station used in the system! It sends a code to the system in a 3-1-5 pattern.

I can hear a 10" Single-Stroke Bell also. Definitely a cool vid. - A musical montage of several different fire/emergency call point stations (some behind Stopper II models; one has a panel) at this one school. No actual alarms are shown, though.

I also hear a Radionics/Bosch panel in the background sounding its fire alarm tone

Its pretty typical to hear Code 3 everywhere now, its an standard remember. That happens to be a Brinks system (meh)

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … re=related”></LINK_TEXT> (use of strong language included).

A video of someone removing their smoke alarm claiming it’s annoying them.

What is the point of posting this?

This is also Kevistics video thread…


Sorry. I thought this was a thread for posting videos in general, rather than just for one person to be doing it.

A pretty rare find; a technician testing an older flush-mounted Pyrotronics F-series high-voltage smoke connected to an old Edwards system. A Pyrotronics CTZ control unit can be seen inside the Edwards panel at the end of the video (white box with “2nd Floor Smoke Detector”). <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ature=plcp”></LINK_TEXT>

That smoke should not be in service....