Kidde disposable extinguisher recharge?

I just acquired a Kidde disposable home fire extinguisher. It is a standard dry chemical ABC extinguisher. It is still full of agent, but it is not pressurized, and the plastic “pin” is missing. I was wondering if it would be safe at all to recharge, or if it would blow up in my face. By the way, it has a plastic valve assembly. (Standard, cheap Kidde extinguisher style!) Thank you!

What happened to it to cause a depressurization? It IS from 1996, well over the 12-year expiration.

I honestly think it should be replaced with a new extinguisher since it might not be safe to have it recharged.

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with everything going on with kidde id keep it for display

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@_Shiloh @Kai_Bannon No, it is not going to be relied on for my safety.


Also, I was going to do it myself. I know how to.

Well, I found a few videos from reliable sources who recharged practically the same disposable :fire_extinguisher:. So, now I can water my plants with a fire extinguisher. :rofl: