My first Smoke Alarms and a Fire Extinuisher!

I just replaced a 12-year old smoke alarm and started my collection of smoke alarms. It was a First Alert model SA320. It was replaced with a Kidde i9010. I also replaced a 24-year-old Kidde 0916. It was also added to my collection. I was doing an inspection at the same house the SA320 was installed in, and I found a Kidde ABC extinguisher. I inspected it and deemed it unsuitable for use because it was empty. Or so I thought. I took it home and, upon flipping it over and squeezing the lever, a small amount of dry chemical came out. I repeated this, and more came out! Soon, it became clear that it had only been de-pressurized, not used up.

I have a topic on that extinguisher here:
Recharge Kidde disposable extinguisher?

I would have personally replaced that First Alert with another First Alert given how many recalls Kidde’s had to issue over the years (thus implying that their products are not very reliable). Still, at least you replaced those outdated detectors at all.

Yeah: not only does it not have any pressure left inside for some reason but like I said Kidde products don’t seem too reliable: in fact not that long ago they had to issue a recall on their plastic-handle extinguishers due to potential failure (make sure that one you found isn’t part of it).

Yeah, I already knew about the recall. Actually, when I saw the plastic handle, I thought “RECALL!”. It does not really matter, because I am not going to be using it as a fire extinguisher that I rely on for my safety. It is just part of my collection that I picked up while doing an inspection. Disposable extinguishers are supposed to be replaced every 12 years, and this one was from 1996! It was well after its disposal date and it probably really isn’t Kidde’s fault. Also, the detectors were not in my house. MY house’s detectors are 17-year-old originals. They are hardwired, and my house has about 15 of them. (Fun fact, my extinguisher was from when Kidde was still called Walter Kidde, after their founder.)

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Ah okay, yeah (extinguisher).

Oh, okay. Funny you should say “15”: I have plans to replace or remove exactly that many in someone’s house at some point. Why haven’t you replaced yours if they’re well over 10 years old though? (detectors)

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Too many, too expensive. Also, they seem to work just fine. They go off whenever the chicken is burned! (But they still do need to be replaced.)

Yes, they do, regardless of anything (including especially price), moreso since they’re probably ionization, which are the least effective in detecting most kinds of home fires that start (thus get dual-sensor instead).

Yep. Ionization. They are Kidde i90something-or-other.

Actually, I was at my cousins’ house a few weeks ago and I was doing a fire inspection on their house. They did very well, updating all smoke alarms and having the appropriate extinguishers in the correct places, however, when I looked under the kitchen sink, I immediately said, “Uh-oh!” The extinguisher was a recalled Kidde BC fire extinguisher with straight plastic handle.
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Good catch! You might have saved their lives by spotting that recalled extinguisher! (I hope you also replaced it of course)

By any chance are the replacement detectors dual-sensor? (ionization & photoelectric)

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Dual sensor: yes
Fire extinguisher: I advised them to go to kidde’s website to get a new extinguisher
Also, I might get to spray the old extinguisher.