Knockoff fire alarms


One of them I saw on this forum
Lmao if you read it. It’s kinda silly

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fully legit. completely real. not fake.

That last one is actually ul listed, and isn’t really a knockoff

:joy: It’s trash, I feel like I would see one of these in China. Parts of the tabs broke off mine because It was so cheap.

Plus It has red LED’s

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That last alarm is weird

Yea, I remember that lol

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Well, I’m not so sure. Seemed like he was just sharing pictures of alarms and not actually selling them. I went ahead and moved it back to Fire Alarm Media. I think that more closely fits the general nature of this thread.

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Well I posted my knockoff alarms post in the flea market section

How dare labeling it as a SIREN? This could not even be classified as a horn/strobe… It’s neither as loud as a real horn nor as bright as a decent strobe. Maybe that’s just a sounder/light.

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Interesting how the wiring diagram is on the back instead of in a manual

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are you a citizen of america or canada?

I think they’re Chinese.

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that is correct. they are sold in china.

I meant I think @66cccfff is Chinese

I saw knockoff BG-12s and SpectrAlerts at a cruise port in Mexico a few years ago:

Ironically, these devices replaced real BG-12s and SpectrAlerts:

I unfortunately don’t have a picture of one of the original horn/strobes, but the real BG-12 pictured above is mounted at the same location as the knockoff version shown in the first photo. I took the picture of the knockoff BG-12 one year after the one showing the real BG-12.


How did this happen? Lmao :joy:

The alarm company cheaped out obviously

Yep you’re right (^U^)

Where we have the goofy people that use Chinese alarms