Knockoff fire alarms

I saw one of these alarms when passing by a shop in Washington DC. (Did not get a photo though.)

Its funny how a Knock-off alarm is installed in the Capital City of America.

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I have seen some of the Fake BG-12s installed in a small restaurant (I don’t remember where. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had those crappy “Horn/Strobes”.

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lmao they could’ve ACTUALLY got something like the L-Series & BG-12s. If I could, I would do that. That knockoff Spectralert doesn’t even have a real strobe & the horn sounds like grabage.

Fire alarms are not the only things that get ripped of. Kiddie’s CO alarms are being bootleg cloned.

Bootlegs like these are easy to produce

And those detectors are not U.L listed

my unkle had one of those and it faild a while back when he needed it most

That’s why you shouldn’t use products that aren’t UL-approved (along with those that either have no brand name on them or that have a gibberish-sounding brand name, all of which often indicate that a Chinese company made it & thus it’s likely just a cheap piece of junk).

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My local Costco recently installed a similar device to the knockoff spectralert classic. It is white, with a blue strobe though, and is for carbon dioxide, because of the soda machines.

That’s likely a CO2 alarm system by “LogiCO2”:
Products - Logico2
CO2 can asphyxiate people who breathe too much of it in, so it’s important to have that system in place in the event a machine starts leaking CO2. I’ve been to at least one gas station that had such a system (not sure why they chose to use a knockoff SpectrAlert but I suppose it technically works).

That’s exactly what it is.

Here it is. Also an L series HS.

Interesting to see two very similar NAs near each other like that: the only way that photo would be better is if that P2RL/P4RL was an original SpectrAlert instead.

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Costco’s always tends to have them right near the cashier area which is right by the freezer typically.

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The rest of the system is Spectralert Advances. But idk why they replaced this one. There is also a Gentex commander (idk what revision) near the pharmacy. They used to have a MS-9200UDLS, but they replaced it with an ES Series panel (idk if it is the 50 or 200).

I see those yellow-strobed sounders a lot at gas stations.

Here’s one. It’s also a fail.

It’s one of these Knockoff fire alarms - #31 by TheCarson116

I recently went on a trip to Colorado Springs and saw fake spectralert classics being used as co2 and refriderant alarms

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