Knockoff fire alarms

These might be all-in-one gas detectors, and the blue LED might be a power indicator.

Again, this was already talked about.

You are correct it is but still its a fake spectralert classic

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Has anyone seen this or have a video this. I want to learn about this knockoff.;sku=HW-HW-DBHS;s=516;p=HW-HW-DBHS

Yeah that’s another one of those generic SpectrAlert knockoffs: this one actually appears to have a substantial amount of text on its label though (including claiming that it meets various US organization’s requirements & that it’s assembled in the USA: likely story), along with multiple tones as opposed to just 3 like most. Also of note is the fact that the strobe is actually capable of flashing one of five different colors: amber, blue, green, red, or white! (& while there is an option to turn off the sounder, there’s still only a single 2-screw terminal block meaning full independent control of the sounder & strobe is not possible (with others I’ve sometimes seen a second 2-screw terminal block where the rotary dials are however)

have you seen or heard it? video? I’ve never seen a knockoff alarm do a horn sound.

Most knockoff SpectrAlerts all make the same 3 sounds from what I’ve seen/heard, but this particular one (which as the label indicates can make more than 3 sounds) I don’t think anyone’s made a video on yet (probably because it’s extremely obscure). I also have not heard one for myself yet either & likely never will.

Have you ever seen a knock off spectralert advance.? is this one?

btw does this look similar?

No, & given the amount of original SpectrAlert knockoffs it’s probably unlikely that one exists: China just seems too obsessed with knocking off the original SpectrAlert-series for some reason.

That’s a legit blank white SpectrAlert Advance with colored lenses.

Like the above example that’s a legit device: in this case a blank gray Edwards/EST Integrity (it technically doesn’t belong to the Integrity series but the design is the same as such) with a red lens.

why did it say sha-120 by cti?

btw this looks like the p2475rlz Fire Strobe Light And Siren Fire Alarm 2 Wire Conventional Strobe Sounder For Fire Alarm System Horn Strobe Sounder - Buy Red And Blue Fire Strobe Lights In Building strobe Light 220v red And Yellow Strobe Lights Product on

That appears to be the model number that the third-party company (Calibration Technologies, Inc., or “CTI”) who sells that particular version decided to call it.

It could be a legit original SpectrAlert or a knockoff, I’m not sure: a Youtuber (who’s name I currently forget) I believe once said that SpectrAlert production continued in China for a while after it stopped being made in the US, & that the design was changed/updated a few times (including I think to have terminals on the mounting plate instead of on the alarm itself).

I found so many sounders that look like roshni and flashni and there is a brand called cemen in Thailand that has sounders that also look the same.