Make Up a System (2.0)

Do most uk houses have commercial fire alarm systems?

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Some student houses in the UK do have commercial fire alarm systems

Like dorms? Or like frat houses?

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We don’t really have frat houses in England

By houses, I mean typical UK houses that have been turned into HMO’s (houses of multiple occupancy) and have a single communal kitchen like in a regular UK house

Ohh, ok. That makes sense.

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This system uses entirely fictional equipment

The Longfellow Airbnb, St Louis Missouri:
Panel: Wilkintech FS10
Pulls: Wilkintech w100ps2
Smokes: In unit: Wilkintech w120coh
Wilkintech w120cot
In panel room: Wilkintech w104t
NAs: In unit: Wilkintech w100lfhs-24hccw
Wilkintech w100hs-24mccfw
Panel room: Wilkintech w100hs-24mcwfr

w120coh: 120vac smoke detector with isolated heat and co sensor
w120cot: same as before but with integrated heat
w104t: 4-wire smoke detector with integrated heat
w100ps2: conventional dual action pull station
w100lfhs-24hccw: white ceiling mount high candela LF sounder strobe
w100hs-24mccfw: white ceiling mount multi candela horn strobe
w100hs-24mcwfr: red wall mount multi candela horn strobe
FS10: 10 zone 4 NAC panel

The Baytown museum of science and history was built sometime in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. The facp is a gamewell identiflex 632. Along with the identiflex facp is a gamewell evax 250
The pull stations are gamewell ms-95t ‘s with key reset adapters. The smokes are gamewell xp-95’s. The NA’s are wheelock et-1080-Lsm-24-vfr’s

Tim Fleece Elementary School was built in 1989 as a 1-story 500 student campus. A 6 classroom addition was built in 2004. The current fire alarm and intercom systems were installed in 2018.

Fire Alarm


  • Current System: Notifier NFS2-640 w/ DVC
  • Original System: Simplex 4002, tied into a 4004


  • Current System: Notifier NCA-2 in main lobby
  • Original System: Simplex 4602-9102

Initiating Devices

  • Current System: Pulls are all Notifier NBG-12LXs, behind Stopper II Covers. Smokes are all Notifier FSP-851s. Heat detectors are all FST-851As. All AHUs have Notifier FSP-851R duct detectors. Notifier monitoring modules are used to monitor the fire sprinkler system and the cafeteria’s Ansul system.
  • Original System: The 1989 building had 4521-20 pulls, along with a few 2099 series pulls. Smokes were Simplex 2098 series devices, along with some conventional TrueAlarms. The 2004 addition had 2099 series pulls, and a few 2098 series TrueAlarms.

Notification Appliances

  • Current System: Signals here are mostly System Sensor SPSR speaker/strobes. Classrooms and the media center, however, use System Sensor SR strobes on the walls, with SPCR speakers on the ceilings. The cafeteria/MPR also has SPSCR speaker/strobes on the ceiling, with a few SPCR speakers, but also has SR strobes on the walls. Outside, there are System Sensor SPSRK speaker/strobes.
  • Original System: The 1989 building had 2901-9838 horns on 4903-9101 strobe plates in the hallways, cafeteria/MPR, media center, and other areas. There was a 4903-9220 in the art room, and 1 4903-9101 had a Wheelock MT24 horn replacing a 2901-9838. Some classrooms had 2901-9838s as well, and one even had a TrueAlert horn/strobe. All restrooms had 4904 strobes. Outside, there were 2901-9833 horns flush mounted, with two on 2903 strobe plates.The 2004 addition had TrueAlert horn/strobes and strobes.

Intercom, Bell

Intercom Head-End

  • Current System: Bogen Quantum Multicom IP
  • Original System: Rauland

Admin Phones/Mics

  • Current System: Bogen MCDS4
  • Original System: Mic next to rack

Speakers, Call Switches

  • Current System: The whole school has Bogen MB8TSQ speakers in the hallways with S810 speakers in classrooms, along with Bogen CA17 call switches. The media center and cafeteria/MPR have S86T725PG8WVK speakers ceiling mounted. Outside, there are SP58A loudspeakers. The school also has STI SS24A9LD-EN at the reception desk, in classrooms, and at certain areas in the hallway. The whole school also has STWC-NR strobes ceiling mounted as lockdown alert strobes, that flash accompanying a pre-recorded lockdown message when the lockdown button is pressed.
  • Original System: The whole school had Rauland speakers throughout the campus, with classrooms having Simplex or Lathem clock/speaker combo units. Classrooms had handsets.


  • Current System: Tone over intercom
  • Original System: In the 1989 building there were 2901 series bells in the hallways, and in some of the larger rooms, and also outside. The 2004 addition had Federal Signal 4 Inch bells in the hallways, with 10 inch bells outside. Some 2901s were replaced with Wheelock bells. All classrooms had buzzers in the clocks.


Master Clock Panel

  • Current System: Bogen BCMA2000
  • Original System: Lathem LTR512 replacing a Simplex 2350


  • Current System: The whole school uses Bogen BCBD 3100 clocks.
  • Original System: The 1989 building had a mix of Simplex, American Time and Lathem analog clocks, while the addition used Lathem Analog clocks exclusively.
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A big farmhouse in the English countryside built in the 1970s, renovated in 1998
Fire alarm system:
1998 Gent System 34000 aka the Vigilon by Gent
1990s Gent Vigilon call points
Gent 34770 optical smoke/heat sensor sounders
Master control panel in the utility room (laundry room)
Repeater control panel by the side door

Burglar alarm system:
ADT UK branded ADEMCO Microtech (ADEMCO UK) Galaxy 60 CO52 with ADT branded ADEMCO Microtech Galaxy Mk3 remote keypad
Racal Guardall Apollo D PIRs
Unbranded magnetic door contacts
Unbranded single action panic button (2)
ADE (Advanced Design Electronics) 16ohm extension speaker (panel generates tones, extension speaker amplifies the tones generated by the panel)
Bentel TS100 external siren and strobe module with ADT bell box cover

i done this before but i ought to do it again

Mayfield High School: MadeUP, SC
The school was built in 1989 and was originally equipped with a Simplex system. The alarms were 2901-9838s on 4903-9101 strobe plates. Alarms in long hallways typically had dual-horn projectors. The pulls were Simplex 4251-30 break glass pull stations. The panel was a 4002.

Eventually, the system became old and outdated, and in 2019, it was replaced with a Simplex 4100ES. Most of the existing pulls were also updated to 2099 addressable pull stations. Some remained, however. Since the building was not undergoing any expansions or renovations, the original alarms were kept for the most part. Alarms that failed had been replaced with Truealert ES’.
thats it

There’s no limit to how many you can do, I did like 10 lol.

Heres a system i made up for a school built in the late 80s.

Panel - Fire-Lite 200X

Wheelock 7002T-24 (7x)
Simplex 2901-9806 (5x)

Protex MP-1 (4x)
Simplex 4251-20 (8x)

Smoke and Heat detectors:
Simplex 4098-9733 (18x)
SS 4Wt-B (16x)


A massive head office building with a realistic fire alarm system and burglar alarm system.

Dixon Building (Dixon Retail Stores PLC)
Fire alarm system:
Original system:
Gent addressable system (System 32000) that had the PSU replaced with Gent call points and Gent 3400 optical smoke/heat sensors on Gent 3421 sounder bases.
Current system:
The System 32000 was replaced in 1998 with the Gent System 34000 aka the Vigilon by Gent with Gent System 34000 Vigilon call points, Gent System 34000 hornstyle sounders on Gent alternating tone, Gent 34770 optical smoke/heat sensor sounders on Gent alternating tone. The system is still there to this day.
Burglar alarm system:
Original system:
Scantronic 9500
Current system:
Ademco Microtech Galaxy 60 CO52 with zone expanders. System remains to this day.

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this was inspired by the fact that my school will have it’s system overhauled soon.

simplex 4004
simplex 2001
simplex 4100ES
Fire-Lite MS-10UD

notification appliances/locations
wood shop, large gymnasium, and exterior of building: 14" faraday single stroke bells with caged simplex 4904 strobes next to them
classrooms: the guts of a Wheelock 34t mounted to the grille of a Wheelock CH/E70 with ceiling mount WS strobes next to them that are modified to sync
hallways: simplex 2902 speaker/lamps
bathrooms: simplex mechanical vibrating chime with caged simplex 4904 strobes

system sensor 2300 detectors
Edwards 278B dual action key reset pull stations

mass notification

general alarm/announcement:
exterior of building: Wheelock et-1080 with amber Wheelock MCW strobes next to it
interior: Wheelock Eluxa ceiling mount amber lens no lettering speaker strobes

police emergency:
blue Wheelock WS strobes

bathroom mess report (yes, really.)
green System Sensor spectralert strobes
green unmarked STI push stations

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I would like a Firecom 8500
With simplex TruAlert Speaker strobes
And Simplex 9008
And simplex 2099-9754
With Simplex 2908-9544
And a simplex 4603-9101 Annunciator

Pine Lake K-8


Built in 1971

Original Signals were 4050-80s with 4051s on them

The original pull stations were 4251-30s

The detectors were 2098-9508 “wiffle ball” smokes

The panel was a Simplex 2001-8001 panel

And for those who care, the ceilings were Armstrong C-60 Ceilings.

The bell system was simply a button in the office that controlled a bunch of old Simplex bells

The intercom was an old Bogen intercom


In 1988, the building was renovated

Most ceilings were replaced with ACS A-10s, but some armstrongs were left intact

The intercom and bell system stayed the same…

The fire alarm system was upgraded to a 4100 classic system

Every signal was replaced with simplex 4903-9101s, and the horns were replaced with 2901-9838s

The pulls were replaced with mapnet 4251-20s

The smokes were kept the same…

–Misc renovations–

Some pulls that failed inspection were replaced with conventional 2099s

Some smokes were replaced with conventional TrueAlarms

The intercom system was replaced with a Telecor TII/XL PA Systems, and all the old bells were scrapped

Some troffers on the old A-10 system were replaced and retrofitted

The Bethlehem community baptist church was built in 1977 and features a gamewell zans-200 panel

The pull stations are gamewell m46-16 “ century “ stations
The smoke detectors are gamewell “ beta larm “ ion detectors
The NA’s are red lensed space age av34 light plates with 2dcd horns mounted behind them

finally, something that did not start out with 4050-80s!

I was thinking about putting 4050-80’s as the alarms but I later realized that simplex 4050-80’s don’t go too well with a gamewell panel

Smithville museum of natural history was built in 1995 and features a gamewell identifire network system 2 FACP

The pull stations are gamewell m46-33 “ identifiable “ century stations with gamewell 30653-01 key reset adapters

The smoke detectors are gamewell R7’s mounted in gamewell 30765 “ identifiable’’ detector bases

The NA’s are wheelock AES-Dl1’s

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