Make Up a System (2.0)

Walmart Supercenter (Triver location)

This Walmart was built in 1996 as a regular standard Walmart. This Walmart has a Autoshop that has been the same since 1996 a garden center and a in store McDonald’s that was replaced by a Taco Bell in 2019. This store got a massive renovation in 2015 with a major renovation and expansion.

As for the systems. It’s entirely different compared to the real life Walmarts. Since these Walmarts uses anything. It’s mostly Simplex and Notifier but Silent Knight, FireLite and EST have been found in a few stores.

System #1: (1996-2015)


Simplex 4005-9102 (dover buzzer variant)



Simplex 4901-9806s (mounted on the ceiling) (white 4901-9805 horns)

Simplex 4904-9137s

Simplex 4903-9219s

Simplex 4903-9217s

Gentex WGMSs

Replacement devices:

System Sensor S1224MCs

System Sensor P2R

Wheelock AS-24MCW-FR

Simplex 4904-9176s

Pull Stations:

Simplex 2099-9754s


Simplex 2098-9201s

Simplex 2098-9478s


Simplex 4602-9101

Simplex 4602-9102

This system has been removed due to a renovation that caused this building to become a SuperCenter. All of the devices with the exception of 4904s were sold.

System #2:


Simplex 4010ES (red cabinet)

Simplex 4003EC (red cabinet)


Slow Whoop


Default Simplex 4003EC Message



Wheelock S8s

Wheelock E50-24MCW-FRs

Wheelock RSS-24MCW-FRs

Wheelock ET70WP-2475W-FRs

Wheelock ET70WP-2475C-FWs

Wheelock RSSWP-2475W-FRs


Wheelock STR

Wheelock E70-24MCW-FRs

Wheelock ELSTR


Simplex 4098-9714s

Simplex 4098-9733s


Simplex 4606-9102

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A 3 story house in Shrewsbury, UK.
The house is fictional but the town is real.

Fire alarm system:
Custom Vantage Sentry addressable fire alarm control panel.
Vantage Sentry panel located in the utility room, Vantage 34-Sentry addressable call points, Vantage Sentry-RPT repeater panel by the front door, Vantage 34775 optical smoke/heat sensor sounders in the dining room, main hallway, living room, utility room, master bedroom, cellar and the double attached garage, Vantage 34775 optical smoke sensor sounders in bedroom 2, 3, 4, 5 and the attached workshop.

Do most uk houses have commercial fire alarm systems?

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Some student houses in the UK do have commercial fire alarm systems

Like dorms? Or like frat houses?

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We don’t really have frat houses in England

By houses, I mean typical UK houses that have been turned into HMO’s (houses of multiple occupancy) and have a single communal kitchen like in a regular UK house

Ohh, ok. That makes sense.

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