Make Up a System (2.0)

There’s quite a few fictional systems and buildings here. It is “Make Up a System” after all.

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Medium music production studio built in 1998

Panel: Silent Knight SK-4224 4-zone panel
Smokes: System Sensor 2451
Pulls: FCI MS-2

  • Gentex GMS24-15/75WR
  • Gentex GXS-4-15/75 (bathrooms and recording rooms)

Signal coding is set to temporal 3.

Early 2000s/late 90’s shopping centre.
Sorry but this is gonna be really large.

Original part of the center.

  • Notifier ID3000 panel on clip.
  • Notifier m500kac addressable call points.
  • Notifier m500kac addressable outdoor call points for wet areas.
  • Notifier WCP5A addressable outdoor call points for wet areas.
  • Notifier SDX-551’s in crawl spaces
  • Notifier SDX-751’s as average smoke detector.
  • Notifier FDX-751’s as average heat detector in food court and mechanical back rooms.
  • Notifier FDX-551 heat detectors can also be found in the same area as the 751’s.
  • Notifier SDX-751TEM’s multi sensor’s can be found in other back rooms and places requiring both heat and smoke.
  • System sensor DNRE’s with some with CPX/SDX-551s, SDX-751’s and LPX-751E/7251E’s.
  • Notifier IRX-751 multi sensor’s with CO can be found in staff parking garage and backrooms like boiler rooms.
  • Notifier ANS series addressable sounders and sounders strobes in backrooms and some places in mall in all colors.
  • Notifier AWS series sounders and strobes in the rest of the mall in all colors.
  • Notifier IBS-3 and ABS series sounder and sounder strobe bases for smaller stores in all colors.
  • Notifier MMX-1E’s for sprinkler room and notifier M710 modules for replacement.
  • Notifier RMX-1E’s relays for fire door and fan shutdown relays and Notifier M701’s for replacement.


  • Notifier M700KACI call points for replacements and additions.
  • Notifier NFXI series sounders, strobes, sounder/strobes and bases for replacements and additions.
  • Notifier NFXI-OPT’s smoke detectors.
  • Notifier NFXI-SMT2 multi sensors.
  • Notifier NFXI-TFIX heats.

Addition building to the mall.

  • Notifier ID3000 on opal/flashscan networked to other panel.
  • Notifier M700KACI call points.
  • Notifier NFXI-OPT’s smoke detectors
  • Notifier NFXI-SMT2 multi sensors.
  • Notifier NFXI-TFIX heats.
  • Notifier IRX-751 multi sensor’s with CO in some backrooms with flashscan (opal) module
  • System sensor DNRE smokes with some having system sensor/notifier 72051E/NFXI-VIEW and notifier NFXI-OPT’s.
  • Notifier NFXI-BEAM-E addressable beam detector.
  • Notifier M701 relays for door and fans.
  • Notifier M710 Monitor modules for sprinkler.
  • Notifier NFXI series sounders, strobes, sounder/strobes and bases in shops.
  • Honeywell VarioDyn PA/voice alarm system in main mall areas.

Parking garage building with a couple of shops on clip

  • Honeywell XLS80E panel networked to the rest.
  • System sensor M500KAC call points.
  • System sensor MCP5A call points.
  • System sensor M500KAC addressable outdoor call points.
  • System sensor WCP5A outdoor call points for wet areas.
  • System sensor 2251 smoke detectors.
  • System sensor 5251 and 5551 heat detectors.
  • System sensor 2251t multisensors.
  • System sensor 2251ctle coptir multi sensor CO.
  • System sensor DNRE’s duct detector housings with 1551’s, 2551’s, 1251’s, 2251’s, and 7251’s.
  • System sensor branded notifier ANS, IBS, AWS, ABS series sounders and strobes.
  • System sensor M500RE

New devices for replacements and for the renovated bit after a car crash fire. the ones in the renovated bit are on advanced protocol (flashscan).

  • System sensor 22051 smoke detectors.
  • System sensor 52051 heat detectors.
  • System sensor 22051T multi sensors.
  • System sensor 2251ctle CO multi sensor with advanced protocol module.
  • System sensor MCP5A call points.
  • System sensor M200 series modules.
  • System sensor rebranded notifier NFXI opal sounders, strobes, bases, etc.

Danebrook High School: 2-story High school built in 1950

First system: (1950-1976)

NA’s: IBM 4030’s

Pulls: pull rod with 10-inch bells

panel: old Autocall system

Code: 4-4-4-4

Second system (1976-2000)
In 1976 the school went through a renovation and added a new gym and cafeteria while adding drop ceilings around the building. this renovation completely removed the old autocall system and installed a new system.

Na’s: simplex 4051’s on 4050-80 light plates

Pulls: simplex 4251-30’s

Smokes: 2098-9644

panel: simplex 4208 coded to continuous.

in the 80s and 90s some of the 4051s started to die and got replaced with simplex 2903s lightplates and 4903-9101 with 9838s.

Current and final system:(2000-2028)

In 2000 the 4208 was replaced by a 4100 panel along with all the smoke detectors from 4208 but kept the alarms and pulls from that system.

Na’s: Simplex 4051’s on 4050-80 light plates. some 4051’s were on 2903 and 4903 plates. simplex 9838s on 2903 light plates and 4903-9101 strobe plates. Simplex 4903-9219, 4903-9252, 4903-9426, 4906-9127.

Pulls: Simplex 4251-30s and 2099-9103s.

smokes: Simplex 4098-9605 TrueAlarms

panel: Simplex 4100 and 4606-9101 annunciator set on continuous

currently, the school system is planning to build the New Danebrook High School near the current school. the construction is supposed to start by early 2026 and be completed by 2028. once completed the old building will demolished for something else.

The new Danebrook High School system (2028-up)

NA’s: Autocall 49SV-APPLC TrueAlert ES Addressable ceiling speaker strobes.

Smokes: Autocall 4908-9754 TrueAlarm

Pulls: Autocall 4099-4005

Panel: Autocall 4100es and 4606-9202

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That new school’s system sounds very similar to the system that will (probably) be in a new high school in my area (not made up).

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Hopewell Junction International Airport, Hopewell Junction, NY:

I- Terminals 1,2, and 3 (built in 1998)
Original System:

  • Panel: Three EST2 panels (one in each terminal) with voice capabilities
  • Pulls: Edwards GS 278Bs
  • N/As:
    -EST Integrity speaker strobes and EST 202-5A-T Integrity strobes in bathrooms (T1)
  • Wheelock ET70 speaker strobes, Wheelock ET90 speaker strobes, and Wheelock RS strobes in bathrooms (T2)
  • SpectrAlert speaker strobes and SpectrAlert strobes in bathrooms (T3)
  • Smokes: System Sensor 2400s

New System:

  • Panel: Notifier NFS2-3030 with DVC (1 panel in each terminal)- The message is the standard Edwards message programmed onto the panel via a microSD card.
  • Pulls: Notifier NBG12-LXes. However, in some shops, the original 278B pulls remain and will be replaced over July 4th weekend in 2024.
  • N/As:
  • SpectrAlert Advance speaker/strobes and remote strobes in T1. Similar to the pulls, some of the old EST speakers and strobes remain in older parts of the building, such as the staff only areas.
  • EST Genesis speaker/strobes and remote strobes in T2. However, the JetBlue lounge still has the original system with the Wheelock speakers, EST pulls, and 2400 detectors.
  • Wheelock E90 and E50 speaker/strobes and RSS strobes in T3. However, the original SpectrAlert speakers remain in the back hallways and are slated to be replaced soon.
  • Detectors: FSP-851s

II- Terminals 4 and 5
Original System:

  • Panel: A non-voice-equipped Notifier AFP-400 in Terminal 4 with a Fire-Lite Fire Command 25/50X for voice capabilities
  • A Simplex 4100 in Terminal 5 with voice evac
  • Pulls: Notifier BG-10s in T4 and Simplex 2099-9757s in T5
  • Terminal 4: Wheelock ET-1070 speaker/strobes (LSM strobe) and Wheelock RS remote strobes located in bathrooms. However, there are some Wheelock NSes and SpectrAlert Classics located in smaller stores and smaller areas of the terminal. Even some SpectrAlert Advances were installed to replace dead NSes and Classics.
  • Terminal 5: Simplex 4903 speaker strobes, Federal Signal SelecTone speakers on 4903 strobe plates, and 4903 remote strobes in bathrooms
  • Smokes: System Sensor 2151s in T4 and Simplex TrueAlarms in T5

New System:

  • Panel: Notifier NFS2-3030 with DVC (Edwards message preloaded onto microSD card)
  • Pulls: Notifier NBG12-LXes
  • N/As: Wheelock E90s and E70s (nickel), with RSS strobes in bathrooms. All of the non-voice portions of T4 have been upgraded to voice-evac systems.
  • Smokes: FSP-851s

III- Terminal 6 (International Terminal)- Built in 2008

  • Panel: EST3 with voice capability
  • Pulls: GE/EST SIGA-278s
  • N/As: Wheelock E90s, E70s, S8s, and RSS strobes in bathrooms. Recently, some of the bathroom RSS strobes have been replaced by Exceder LED/Eluxa remote strobes.
  • Smokes: SIGAs
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For terminal 6, SIGA smoke detectors would be more realistic as FSP-851s only work on Notifier/Honeywell panels. They would not work on an EST system.

Great Wolf Lodge Chesterton UK
(opening later this year)
Fictional fire alarm system
Probably some sort of networked UK addressable fire alarm panel, Gent or Notifier UK

id think its probably apollo, hochiki or gent. doubt its gonna be notifier.

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Dunno, it’s just speculation as I don’t have any info

Stamford Garden, Stamford, CT

This system is a garden store located in Stamford, CT with an office area/warehouse in the front and the retail store located in the back.

I- Retail Store
This is a small shed built in 2013 as the retail area for the garden store.

Panel: Fire-Lite MS-25 + Wheelock Safepath (for evacuation alarm)
Pulls: Fire-Lite BG-12s on the inside behind Stopper II covers and one 270-SPO on the outside behind another Stopper II cover.
Alarms: One SpectrAlert Advance on the inside and a SpectrAlert Advance speaker + SpectrAlert Advance strobe on the outside (labeled "ALERT)
Detectors: SD355s

II- Warehouse, Offices, Etc.
This building was also built in 2013 when the store opened as a small office park. It became the offices for the retail store and the warehouse when the store opened in 2016.

Panel: Gamewell-FCI 7100 and a Wheelock Safepath for voice evac

Warehouse- this is not a full-size warehouse, but the size of a garage:

  • Annunciator: FCI LCD-7100 annunciator
  • Pulls: Notifier BG-12s
  • Alarms: SpectrAlert Advance speaker/strobes and remote strobes (located on ceiling and wall)
  • Detectors: ASD-PL2s

All lower level + the second floor (two spaces taken up by a small restaurant):

  • Annunciator: FCI LCD-7100 at building entrance + Fire-Lite LCD-80 at restaurant entrance
  • Pulls: Notifier BG-12s and some Edwards 270-SPOs
  • N/As: EST Genesis speaker/strobes (and some horn/strobes) and remote strobes
  • Detectors: ASD-PL2s

Attic and Crawlspace (there is just storage up here and downstairs):

  • N/As: SpectrAlert Sounder/Strobes
  • Detectors: ASD-PL2s

The MS-25 is actually addressable so the detectors are SD-355’s not 2151’s. The FCI 7100 is also addressable so the smokes are FCI ASD-PL2s

Small Preschool Built In 2007

Panel: Silent Knight IntelliKnight® Model 5700
Pulls: Silent Knight SK-PULL-SA
Smokes: Silent Knight SK-Photo (essentially a 2251-style smoke)
A/Vs: Gentex Commander 3, Electronic Tone (2400Hz), 15 Candela

System is coded to Temporal 3, using Gentex Sync from the panel.

Holy Family Catholic Church, Hopewell Junction, NY:

This church was custom-built in 1998 to standards set by the Archdiocese of New York. On the first floor is the sanctuary, cafeteria, parish hall, meeting room, and patio/backyard, which includes an outdoor pizza oven, seating area, yard, and pool. On the second floor are the Religious Education classrooms, crying room, and sanctuary balcony.

When the building was built, the panel was originally an EST2 with voice evacuation, the pulls were EST SIGA-278s, the notification appliances were Wheelock ET-1070 (with the LSM strobe) speaker/strobes (Integrity horn/strobes in the Rel Ed classrooms) and Wheelock RS remote strobes, and the smoke detectors were SIGAs. Outside, the pull stations installed were explosion proof T-bars and Wheelock speaker/strobes behind weatherproof enclosures. After an incident in 2012 at Christmas where the fire alarm system was activated due to the detector in the sanctuary being tripped by the incense and a false alarm being activated, the system was due for a replacement. Also, some devices appeared to be tired and damaged. Soon enough, some of the Integrities broke down and were replaced by SpectrAlert Advances!

A new fire alarm system was installed in 2013 around Easter, with all of the old EST system being completely ripped out and a brand-new Notifier NFS2-640 with DVC was installed. The new pull stations were NBG12-LXes. However, the pulls outside were new explosion-proof T-bars. The notification appliances were Wheelock E70 speaker/strobes (with the weatherproof equivalent outside), with Wheelock RSS remote strobes installed in all classrooms and bathrooms and a PA speaker in each classroom to play the evac message. Any non-voice portions of the church were upgraded to voice-evac. The smoke detectors were Notifier FSP-851s. All stairwells had pull stations at each exit and at least one notification device mounted on the ceiling before and after the replacement. The annunciator at the entrance is a Notifier FDU-80.

The system is due for a replacement this summer, with the new panel being a Gamewell/FCI S3, a Wheelock SAFEPATH SPMNS voice panel, and a LCD-7100 annunciator at the church entrance.

My GF’s church (and her elementary school) has the same name, but is in a suburb of the rubber city. The school was originally a combined church and school–a common trend among suburban Catholic parishes during the postwar era until a separate and much larger church could be constructed. I have no clue what the fire alarm system is in that building as I have never been there. but I would assume it was the same as that one public elementary school on the northeast side of the rubber city (go to Old School Fire Alarms’ channel and you will know what I’m talking about)

Small Preschool Built In 2007, Upgraded in 2030

This post is a continuation of my prior post.

New System

Panel: Loganetics LSA-50 - 50-point Intelligent FACP
Pulls: Loganetics iMSP-400 (Addressable Version of MSP-400
Smokes: System Sensor i3s on Loganetics iZM (Intelligent Zone Module)
A/Vs: Same as all old devices were fully working.

System is coded to Temporal 3, using Gentex Sync from the panel.

(Disclaimer: these devices are all concepts.)

B’jolly Mall, Bedford, NY:

This building is located on the site of a former factory demolished in 1960 and the mall was built in 1966 to custom designs set by the Town of Bedford.

I- The Panels:

  • Simplex 4208 (1966-1980)
  • Simplex 2100 (1980-2005)
  • Simplex 4100U (2005-2012)
  • EST3 (2012-2022)
  • EST4 (current)

II- Pull Stations

Main Mall (and all other non-big box stores not listed):

  • Fire-Lite BG-5 (original until 2005)
  • Simplex 2099-9754 (2005-2012)
  • EST SIGA-278 (2012-2022)
  • Edwards SIGA-270 (2022-)

Home Depot/Lowe’s (both opened 2005):

  • Simplex 4251-20 (1966-1980)
  • Fire-Lite BG-6 (1980-2005)
  • Fire-Lite BG-12LX (2005-2012)
  • Siemens HMS-S (2012-2022)
  • Edwards SIGA-278 (current)

Vin Shack/Holy Family Catholic Church (originally St. Cornelius Chapel):

  • Standard 700 (1966-1980)
  • Notifier BG-1 (1980-2005)
  • Edwards 276B (2005-2012)
  • Notifier BG-12LX (2012-present)

All remaining anchor/big-box stores:

  • Fire-Lite BG-5 (1966-1980)
  • Simplex 4251-30 (1980-2005)
  • Edwards 270-SPO (2005-2012)
  • EST SIGA-278 (2012-present)

III- Notification Devices:

  • 4208 system: Simplex bells on 4050-80 strobe plates set to Code 4
  • 2100 system: Atlas Sound speakers on Wheelock strobe plates
  • 4100U system: Wheelock E70 speaker/strobes
  • EST3 system: EST Genesis horn/strobes set to Code 3
  • EST4 system: LED Genesis speaker/strobe and L-Series speaker/strobes

IV- Smokes:

  • 2100 system: Pyrotector smokes
  • 4100U system: TrueAlarm smokes
  • EST3 system: GE/EST SIGA/PS and one i3
  • EST4 system: Signature Opticas

V- Final Notes:

  • The factory had Simplex coded pulls and 4030s set to Code 4 by a Standard Electric Time panel

Small Church Built In 1998

Panel: FCI FC-4224 (Rebranded Silent Knight SK-4224)
Pulls: FCI MS-2
Smokes: FCI SBS-1201 (Rebranded System Sensor 2400)
A/Vs: FCI HE-8F-STW (Rebranded Cerberus-Pyrotronics MTL), set to Horn

A/Vs are coded to Temporal 3 by the panel.

The next system is an indoor swimming center named Lucky Lanes built in 2008 in Yonkers, New York.

Originally, the building had a Silent Knight IFP-1000 and had no voice evacuation. The pull stations were Silent Knight PS-SAs, the alarms were SpectrAlert Advances, and the smoke detectors were SK-PHOTOs. Over time, numerous incidents occurred with the IFP-1000 system including random activations, children pulling the fire alarm, and the SpectrAlerts in the pool area not working in numerous inspections as the weatherproof versions of the Advances were not installed in this high-humidity environment!

The system was completely overhauled in 2019, with the system still remaining Honeywell, but the new panel was a Gamewell/FCI E3 and a FCI LCD-7200 annunciator at the entrance. The new pulls were MS-7s, the alarms were Wheelock E50 speaker/strobes (ET70WPs in pool area) and RSS strobes in bathrooms (excluding the locker/showers), and the detectors were ASD-PL2 detectors.

Medium Elementary School built in 2000

Panel: Notifier AFP-200
Pulls: Notifier NBG-12LX
Smokes: Notifier SDX-751
A/Vs: Wheelock MT-24-LSM, set to Bell, high volume

A/Vs are coded to 120BPM by the panel, and the strobes are on a separate non-silenceable NAC.