My First Ban!

Well, DFA finally kicked me out after calling Jake out one too many times. :roll: I suppose it was inevitable, seeing as I have a big mouth and a confrontational attitude. I wonder how Prowerbot’s Clothesgate will turn out?

I specifically asked you NOT to contact me or interact with me in posts. I was trying to make it less hostile. You shot me a PM right back after saying you would not do that. I figured if we did not interact we would co exist. You had two other moderators and a separate admin and site owner to go and complain about me to. Why you chose to keep PMing me I have no idea. When someone asks you to not interact with them its best not to. You were more than welcome to make a post or contact someone about me without talking to me directly.

I wanted to make it clear that you couldn’t tell me what to do (I can be spiteful like that :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I can most certainly ask you not to interact with me! I felt the situation between you and I was not making any progress despite trying to speak with you personally and one to one. I felt it was best if we just not interact. And sorry hun but you have no freedom of speech on the internet. Forum owners and mods and admins can be as controlling as they like and ban whoever they like they do not need a set of rules it just goes to i would think being a decent person to have a set of guillotines by which you ban someone. I asked you not to interact with me on the forum and you chose to harass me over the PM system that’s fine if you feel you have the right to do that. But I am not dealing with it. Your ignorant attitude is amazing I was trying to be “fair” bu just saying lets not talk to each other. Oh well I really do not care either way.

You are also more than welcome to talk to Charlie and see if he has a different take on it. Perhaps he will let you back on. But until I can find a way to prevent us from crossing paths and having issues. I am not willing to do it.

It doesn’t really matter as long as have TSW. I don’t really need DFA. My ban was probably justified as harrassment goes against the rules. That’s what I get for being in a fighting mood and having a poor attitude.

Once again, I don’t need to follow the rules. You have no freedom of expression on a private web forum. It was not harassment you need to study law a bit more. I was stopping a situation from escalating. You do not “get” anything for your mood. We just do not get along. I did not want the bickering to continue. I asked you not to talk to me and you did it anyway so I got rid of the problem. I felt it was a good solution to something we have not been able to talk out. I can unban you just PLEASE try to not interact with me when you can. We just do not get along :frowning:

I meant that I was harrassing you. I blatantly broke DFA’s rules. I was in the wrong.

Uhh, why is this topic even here…?

Agreed, this conversation should be delt with via PM or email, I think that this is mostly a 2 person conversation. Can we get an admin to lock it please?

I dunno, at the time of the posting I wanted everyone to know. Yeah…

Can some admin lock this topic please? This topic is getting way out of hand.

I have no issue with her posting this here. She is just looking for an outlet, why i have no idea.

No it’s not. Y’all need to stop complaining.

LOL that should be guidelines :slight_smile:

I just don’t know why you guys can’t agree to disagree…

Prowerbot (a poster at DFA) was being harrased for the Stupidest. Thing. Ever. due to the dumbass no lying rule (seriously, that is nearly impossible to enforce). If he had gotten banned for “lying”, I would’ve been even more P.O.'ed, and probably end up banned anyway. We already had a stupid ban several months prior over Google (didn’t say anything). My patience can only be tested so much and I am not the person to sit back and not say anything.

And for all you complainers on this thread, I don’t wanna hear it, OK?

Typical you only want it one way NO ONE can complain except you. I can’t take issues to liars on a forum I moderate but here you are telling people how to post on a forum you have no control over…

Look two days ago I would have said you are a brave girl who stands up for her self and what she believes in. Now you are just annoying and somewhat childish. He was not BANNED for lying. He was called out and made to look like a fool as liars should be. Who was ok with Alex Hawk telling people his mother was dead and that he worked for Simplex HE WAS BANNED FROM TSW for doing just those things no one believed a word he typed. I have ZERO tolerance for a liar. You don’t like bully’s I don’t like liars its that simple. YOU my friend were banned because I asked you not to interact with me, you then send me a PM saying you will not honor that request. I took what I thought was a good solution and I stand by it. I run an open moderation forum there. I post just about every action we as “staff” take for the very purpose of you to complain. MajorRebel was banned for multiple issues one being that he was doing what you are doing right now, he told members how to post and started creating rules in different sections of the forums and told me “i do what I want” when I PM’d him over the issue. He did however lie, yes and was then subsequently made to look like an idiot. I don’t deal with liars I just DON’T.

I am not going to lock this topic because there is no real reason to. But in the future stuff like this needs to either stay where it came from or be discussed privately via some other means and if someone doesn’t want to talk about it, try to respect that. No need to make this a public affair.

Exactly, no one wants to see you two [expletive deleted] at each other. Thats why there is Private Messaging…