My Home System (Simplex 4005)

Since my home fire alarm system is almost near completion, I wanted to share what devices are in and what’s to come! The alarm panel is a Simplex 4005 and so far it’s handling all my additions and seems very stable! I would’ve preferred an addressable system but my I’m having trouble with my fs-250 and the 4010 is still fried. However the 4005 seems complicated enough to my liking, plus thanks to it’s card based layout, I have more flexibility than any addressable panel I own! Some parts are hard to find though, which concerns me a little since it’s no longer manufactured new.

So we start out in the main (original) portion of my house.

The fire alarm panel is a Simplex 4005!

The batteries are powered by 2 power sonic PS-1250F1. I should’ve used 7 or 8 amp hours but I ordered these before I knew that and well, the panel is happy, so … good enough for me!

The Front keypad, and yes I did take this on January 1, 1995!

The security room/office has a Simplex 4903-9220 horn/strobe.

There is a pull station in the panel room which is a Simplex 4251-20 and there’s another 4251-20 outside the office, which is at the front door.

There is a smoke detector above the fire panel per code, I forget the model number but it’s the older 2098 series smokes.

Outside the office, there is a Simplex 4903-9219 horn/strobe.

So making our way to the rec room extension, we have a Siemens ZH-MC-W horn/strobe at the exit door. A ZR-MC-W strobe will be added later. All indoor Siemens horn/strobes and strobes are synced together and horns silence-able over 2 wire!

Back towards the renovated dining room, we have a Faraday re branded (Siemens U-MCS) strobe. It was the only closest Siemens strobe I had plus it works with the Siemens sync protocol.

Into the garage extension, we have a two Siemens U-MHU-MCS horn/strobe. The coding has been fixed to Temporal, I lost a jumper so it was stuck on Siemens March Time (called pulse on most systems) so I replaced it with another jumper so it’s all good!

Ok, heading outside the garage rear exit door, we have a Siemens AS-WP-HMC-W horn/strobe.

And going around the garage to the front of the house, a Siemens U-MHU-S110 non sync weatherproof horn/strobe, the horn is a little lower than the indoor U-MHU horn/strobes. Due to this horn not sync-able, all outdoor horn/strobes are free run. As far as I know, NFPA doesn’t mandate outdoor sync strobes if multiple strobes are not in the same human field of view. This is the only horn/strobe out front. The AS is on the other side facing the backyard.

Back in the house, going upstairs we have a 2099-9754 which I replaced the 4251-20 with. This is the newer version with the key lock that turns right!

Lastly, the device that powers the sync strobes is a Siemens DSC-W.

Additional devices to be added to the system, mostly smokes and heats. I’m really fascinated by this system and what are your opinions on this? Does this seem like a real world situation, have you ever come across something similar?

Thanks for viewing!

I forgot to mention, there is a Simplex 4903-9427 Truealert horn/strobe upstairs in the guest bedroom/laundry room.

Also the 4903-9219/9220/9427 are coded to temporal by a Siemens PAD-3 Distributed Power Supply in the closet located in the Panel Room.

Good job! I’d suggest mounting the backboxes with screws? And maybe using conduit/wiremold? Other wise, nice system.

Cool system. I really like the mix of Simplex/Siemens stuff.

Just curious, how do you know if you have a newer 2099-9754? I have a 2099-9754 and the keylock turns left which is really quite annoying.


If you look at the Simplex logo, it uses a different font than what we’re used too, I believe it was updated around 2011. Also the key lock turns to the right, which is on newer simplex pulls.

Depending on how the person in the factory screwed the lock together, it could turn in a different direction. I have a 4251 which I changed the lock out of because it was assembled upside down causing me to have to turn the key upside down, and it got annoying to the point where I unscrewed the lock myself and put it back on the right way so I didn’t have to turn the key around each time. But as long as the lock works, it works. The way the key turns doesn’t necessarily affect the operation.

How do you change the key direction? Mine’s the right way up but spins the wrong way around.

Updates to the system as of today. All smokes shown were tested for functionality with real smoke and function properly.

2098-9201 Smoke added to the living room/main entrance walkway.

2098-9441 Heat Detector added above fire prone area in the kitchen

2098-9201 Smoke added to the top of the stairs by bedrooms.

And lastly a siga2-ps smoke added to the dining room. More of these detectors will be added in the garage, rec room, and upstairs bedrooms.

My home system will be completed by next Friday! I finally will finish it! The system is by far, the most advanced any home user will ever have.

Here’s the lowdown:

The main panel is the EST iO-1000-R. This monitors all addressable devices.

The secondary panel is the Simplex 4005. This monitors all conventional devices.

The SIGA-CT1 monitors the 4005 for an Alarm Condition.

The system will consist of the following devices:


(2) Wheelock MT-24-LSM

(1) Simplex 4904-9137.

(1) Simplex 4903-9427. True Alert 4 wire.



(1) Siemens ZH-MC-W

(2) Siemens ZR-MC-W

(1) Siemens AS-WP-HMC-W

(1) Faraday 2700 (Siemens U-MCS)

(2) Siemens U-MHU-MCS

(1) Siemens U-MHU-S110

Smoke Detectors:

(3) Simplex 2098-9201



Heat Detectors:

(3) Simplex 2098-9440

(4) Edwards 282B-PL

Pull Stations:

(2) Simplex 4251-20

(1) Simplex 2099-9754

(1) Siemens Cerberus Pyrotronics MS-51

(1) Siemens MSM-K

(1) EST SIGA-270

If you want a FULL demonstration of this system, let me know and I’ll post a video later this week.

That would be nice.

Bell Test!


Does the 4003 do anything at the minute?

Not right now. Maybe sometime in the future. The system right now is permanent and the only change will be syncing the alarms together, thus the Truealert will be replaced by a Genesis horn/strobe and the 4904 strobe in the bedroom will be a U-MHU-MCS.

Real nice system that you have set up! I’m a bit disappointed that you don’t have any electromechanical horns but it is still nice!

The monthly test of my home system.


Are you planning on adding conduit or wiremold?

Nope. I’m not going to invest anymore into this system as I have future plans and once I move out, the whole thing has to come down.

Here it is! The test of March 2018!

This test was specifically for Bell Testing and all pulls and smokes will be tested every April and October.

Both indoor and outdoor horns were tested unlike last month which was just the indoor horns. The outdoor horns had to be done quick since I don’t want my neighbors calling the fire department! That would be bad.

All in all, the system is getting a small facelift which will fix some of the wiring kinks in the system (no conduit, system is already in place, I know it’ll make it more professional but this is not considered a Professional system), also some pulls are getting back boxes, all indoor Siemens strobes will be synced, and possibly a R.A.F addition? No guarantees but it’s likely.

The system tests are being moved to the first Monday of every month but if that changes, just hit the subscribe button and click the bell icon and you’ll be the first to know.


Looks very nice so far! Great job! I do wanna know why one of the U-MMT’s was on what looked like a 9219 cover plate though.

Because a 9219 was there. I took it down in favor of the u-mmt but didn’t remove the back box as it’s screwed in to wall anchors and didn’t want the mess to show from taking it down.