My (Rather Small) Fire alarm collection

I have 2 new devices
And one i gave away since i already had one
I am also proud of this collection and i have tested every alarm and they all work
Except the speaker :confused:
Havent tested it yet
And i dunno if i will until i find a way to


Sorry some of these images are bad
I took them in my phone

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Nice collection! I see you have a Silent Knight SK-5235, yet no SK-5208 to go with it, which is the opposite of my situation: I have an SK-5208 but no SK-5235 for it! (not that I really need one)

When it comes to that speaker you say you haven’t tested: you can make an audio cable for it using a male audio plug & a pair of wires. Connect the plug to the wires, the free ends of the wires to the speaker’s audio terminals, & then the plug to a source of audio (for example a laptop).


Also will a pc work for testing the alarm
Because if it does i really wanna play firecom 8500 tones on it

Silent knight sk 5208 is the panel my school uses
If they use that panel then i bet they use the sk 5235 annunciator somewhere
Most likely at the doors to the high school a bit away from the panel

Yes, any source of audio: a laptop computer, a desktop computer, an audio recorder (tape, digital, etc.).

Well what do you know. Yeah, they probably do.

Not once for the time i have been there i have seen a annunciator

If that’s the case why did you say “i bet they use the sk 5235 annunciator somewhere”?

Nice collection im trying to get ax gentex smoke alarm horn strobe
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Because its a huge building at i havent even seen all of it

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Its a big as hell building and as i have said i havent seen all of it
Theres rooms i cant even go to yet

Okay. I would advise you take note of this topic though:
Important note - Posting about your Location - Announcements - The Fire Panel Forums

Is the middle school and high school connected to each other and share the same system?

I will get rid of it

Yes they are sharing the same system
Because they are connected

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Those are very cool.