Name That Fire Alarm! (2.0)

[size=85]* I’ve decided to create a second Name That Fire Alarm topic that isn’t someone else’s photo thread, and is slightly more difficult than the first one (found <URL url="Name That Fire Alarm!]here[/url]). *[/size]

[size=150]Name That Fire Alarm! (2.0)[/size]


  • [*] Post a picture of a fire alarm device, either from your personal photo collection or the internet, and have other members attempt to identify it.
  • [*] Anything you decide to post should be something rare, obscure, or uncommon, as to make the game more difficult and challenging for the other users. (That means no BG-12s or 7002Ts! :wink: )
  • [*] If there's a device you've seen and don't know the model number, feel free to post it here! Other users may know it.
  • [/list]

    Let’s do it! I’ll start:

    From Todd’s store, Name That Fire Alarm!

    That looks like a Potter Select-A-Horn/Strobe.

    What’s this alarm…

    Mike’s Automatic Sprinklers Company LTD Mystery Pull Station(Seem like to be a Canadian pull because it has French and English lettring)

    I’m going to sticky this because besides being like a game to guess alarm models, I like the idea of the topic for if someone has a single or a couple unknown alarm devices that they want to identify.

    Hi Andrew!

    that is a great idea to sticky this topic Because I don’t want to bump a topic :lol:

    Oh check this one!

    Couch #F282/6


    From the Florida International University safety page, name this fire alarm!

    And then you post something real common. :stuck_out_tongue:

    You’d be surprised how many people don’t know what this pull station is.

    In fact, if it’s apparently a “common device,” how come no one has identified it yet? :wink:

    Great and in a way that’s my Favourit bell i search one of thoses rares :stuck_out_tongue: birds

    And a rare and difficult:

    hint: Trumpet

    IBM/Simplex 4030-1 horn


    This bird is rare…


    And really, get Chrome. You can get it on Mac, Windows, Linux(Heck Yeah :smiley: )

    It has a built in spell/grammar check. :wink:

    Pyrotronics MS-51?

    I think that is what it is.

    Name this alarm, from Boston, Massachusetts.

    And from a website, name this fire alarm.

    Simplex 2902-9739

    siemens xls :smiley:

    This one shouldn’t be too hard to name. :wink:

    That is a Cerberus Pyrotronics Pyr-A-Larm HDC-24C. Very rare over here and I once believed that they were in my high school. However they were 2DCDs (now gone).

    What’s this one