Name That Fire Alarm!

The 9806 is a re-labled Vibratone 450 which is DC, the 350 is AC and were re-labled as 4040s

Some new fire alarm pics from my trip to Boston, MA.

Name that fire alarm!

From the main lobby of The Museum of Science.

From the cafe in the Museum of Science.

From outside a conveniece store in Stoughton, MA

1. Simplex TrueAlert horn/strobe of some kind.

2. Simplex 4903-9219 horn/strobe.

3. Some kind of 10-inch Gamewell bell behind a grille with a Simplex 2904 remote light or strobe added.

4. Older version of Wheelock E70 speaker with the LSM strobe.

5. I really don’t know.

2 for the price of 1 from Stoughton, MA :slight_smile: Name 'em!

The alarm under the Wheelock 7002T looks like an older-style Federal Signal Vibratone 450 horn

Those are neat pictures, especially the bell in a recessed box with a strobe on the grill. I never seen one like that before.

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Well, I strive to please this forum. I’ll keep up the good work.

From Boston Medical Center

From in the restroom at Shaw’s in Stoughton

From in the Shaw’s supermarket in Stoughton

(location in Stoughton coming soon)

Name these fire alarms!

The first is an EST Integrity, second is a Gentex Commander 3 strobe, then a Commander 3 horn strobe, and finally a Space Age V33 with a Wheelock 34T horn behind it.

Actually the final is a Wheelock 34 horn. They have those at the VFW in Whitman, where my brother’s basketball league has their Christmas party and end-of-year banquet.

Man, I can’t believe horns from a manufacturer different than the strobe’s manufacturer.

What is this? Compatability?

Those V33 light plates are compatable with a wide variety of horns, infact in my collection, I have 2 V33 light plates, one with a cerberus horn behind it and the other with a Wheelock 34 horn.


Exactly. I’ve often seen them with SAE 2DCD horns (rebranded Vibratone 450s) and Wheelock 34 and 34T horns, and I’ve seen the strobe version used with some kind of unknown electronic horn (I think this is a horn similar to the one used on the VA4 horn/strobes; someone on YouTube once commented he saw an alarm like that that sounded like a U-MMT). Even the Davis K-8 school has a couple of V33 light plates with Simplex 4051 horns in them (the V33s are replacing broken 4050-80s)

That isn’t a V33, it’s an AV32. The V33 is the light-only model. Basically, the AV32 is a retrofit plate. Any 4" horn can fit under it, and I even have one with a 4" Faraday bell mounted over the grille. They are often used with Space Age 2DCD horns, which are relabeled Federal Vibratones.

This is an Amseco SHB24 weatherproof horn/strobe.

Thanks! I never thought someone would identify it.

But I bet they’re also usable indoors as well.

Thesdx, by any chance is your faraday bell on a AV32 with a blue light?

Yes, as a matter of fact it is. Here’s a picture of it:

A-ha! I thought so. I just bought one of the other one’s from who I believe to be the same seller you did. :mrgreen: I bought the one with the backbox on it yesterday. The seller mentioned to me that another collector was interested in one of his alarms and something in the back of my mind told me it was a member of TSW.

Here’s one I forgot the last time I aimed at any that I saw in Boston. Name that fire alarm.