Name That Fire Alarm!

After seeing Ben Schumin’s large collection of fire alarms and learning the models of them, I thought I’d photograph some. There’ll be more as time progresses.
Here’s a game I thought up: Name That Fire Alarm. (reference to Name That Tune)
The question is: Can anyone identify these first few alarms in the images from my photobucket account?

  1. System Sensor SpectrAlert Advance horn/strobe.

  2. Same as 1, but the ceiling-mount version.

  3. A black Wheelock ET speaker/strobe, pre-ADA version.

  4. Same but red and with “FIRE” lettering.

  5. Newer Wheelock MT-24-75W horn/strobe.

  6. Wheelock MT-24-LSM horn/strobe.

  7. White Wheelock NS horn/strobe.

  8. Simplex LifeAlarm speaker/light.

Ah, the Wheelock NS just like Ben Schumin’s only red:
In any event this is the other fire alarm at Shoe City where I currently work.

Ah, nice. The speaker grill design was so fancy, I had to capture it.
This is from the Massachusetts State House in Boston, Massachusetts.
And the strobe plate looks just like the one on this Simplex 2903-4050:

That newer MT is actually an MTWP (weatherproof MT). The sticker says 75cd but in reality it’s 180cd. It’s 75cd at -35ºF.

An, nice. Stay tuned. When I find any more, they’ll be seen here.

By the way, number 6, the Wheelock MT-24-LSM horn/strobe is also seen in the corridors of Westgate Mall in Brockton, MA.

That’s right. I see them all the time there. They also have Notifier BG-10 pulls in those corridors/entrances (and at least one BG-12). I’ve also seen them at my psychiatrist’s office (it’s a Kidde system with Edwards 270-SPO pulls)

It is either a strobe or a light; you can’t tell until it goes off. Did all the signals in the State House look like that? If so, then the panel may be either a Simplex 2001 or 2120 with voice-evac, or it may be a Simplex 4120 or 4100U replacing the old panel. I’ve seen the 2903 retrofit plates at the Brockton Hospital: the alarms in 2/3rds of the hospital are these:

Simplex 445-026 “LifeAlarm” speakers on 2903 plates that are either the light or the strobe version.

Recently-renovated areas have 4903-9150 speaker/strobes. There are also a few other assorted Simplex speaker alarms too, and the Radiology lab has SAE 2DCD+AV32s! Pulls are a mix of Simplex 4251-20s, 2099-9756s and 4099-9003s. The panel is most likely a Simplex 4120 or 4100U.

And I’ve also seen them at a Greek church near D.W. Field Park (they have 2901-9806s horns as part of a Simplex 2001 system), and at the Gilmore Middle School (2901-9806s again).

From the PriceRite supermarket in Brockton, Massachusetts, name that fire alarm!

That would be a SpectrAlert Classic ceiling mount horn/strobe.

Kinda resembles the System Sensor SP2C2475 Speaker Strobe on YouTube

That would be a SpectrAlert Classic ceiling mount horn/strobe.

Update on info of that Simplex LifeAlarm speaker from the State House in Boston, MA.

It’s a Simplex 2902-9739 LifeAlarm speaker/strobe

Are those the main alarms there, or are there other models? I am betting their panel might be a Simplex 2120; if not then most likely a 4100U or somehting

Found another fire alarm at Quincy Center MBTA station in Quincy, MA.
Name that fire alarm.

Looks like a Gentex SHG. I saw that same alarm when I was there three weeks ago!

Yes, they are the same model throughout the State House.

It’s actually a GOS.

Just did a little research on and you are right, simplex 2901-9833, it is a Gentex GOS.

Here’s a Federal 350, series B-1 vibratone horn with a Federal model VALS strobe.
The horn utilzes 120 volts, 60 hz., .18 amps.
The Federal VALS strobe utilizes 120 AC volts, and .019 amps.
Made exclusively by Federal Signal Corporation.

The horn grill kinda resembled one of Simplex’s horn grill designs, but the label on the bottom told the whole story.

The Simplex horn you’re thinking of is a 2901-9806, which is a Simplex-rebranded Vibratone 350. They are the same horns, except for the label.

It could be either a GOS or an SHG; they look identical.

Right. That’s what I was thinking, but I was going by the information on the label.