New Eluxa Chimes and Multi-tone devices

So recently on Eaton’s website, they posted 2 new Eluxa series devices. This was spotted by someone on the FA enthusiast’s Facebook group.

  1. Eluxa chimes and chime strobes

  2. Eluxa multitone horn strobes

3.Eluxa multitone horns

These are both Eluxa speaker strobes with built-in tone generators if I had to guess based on the design but there is no way to know until we get our hands on these new devices. It seems the new chime strobes have a temporal 3 tone built-in now. The new multi-tone units have the same tones as the MT. It’s unknown as of me posting this if these devices will have new sounds, or they will keep the tones from the CH/MT series. This means the indoor MT and the CH series might be getting discontinued shortly, the MTWP will definitely keep going for a while. But this might be the end for the MT indoor and the CH series. I wonder what’s going to happen. It’s kind of a mixed bag on what might happen. Because while the xenon E-Series speaker strobes got cut off, the exceeder indoor xenon devices are still going to this day from what I know. I will post an update here if and when wheelock is cutting off the indoor MT and/or the CH series.

These appear pretty identical to the low frequency sounders and speakers (Well technically these are speakers anyway) although would they be able to produce a set low frequency sound or have a frewuency adjustment on them to customize their sound?

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I think the ELMTS series might be the first 4-wire LED horn strobes on the market, could be forgetting an earlier alarm though

Also, looking at the drawings, it appears the ELMT(S) series still use a piezo like the original series

It’s starting to look like the rest of the indoor xenon indoor AVs are going. Next thing left is the HS4, and the S-AS speaker to have a Eluxa replacement and then there goes all the indoor Xenon AVs. Then we will see about the outdoor devices.

My theory is the HS4 will follow suit of the ELMTS and ELCHS and use the speaker strobe bodies, given that it will also need the room for 2 separate inputs. Although, they could very well create a 4-wire version of the 1-gang mounting plate but that would very much surprise me, or they could just not make an Eluxa version of the HS4 which would not surprise me.

Eaton also uploaded a PDF on colored lens versions of the ELMTS series. Seemingly, the only one that comes with a red shell is the red lens ceiling version, and the green strobe only comes on the ceiling version.

Almost three months later, there’s finally one up for sale… for US$150.

And it’s the white ceiling model

Theoretically, yes. It wouldn’t be up to code as it needs to be a square waveform, plus it’s not loud enough either

I obtained the ELMTSR and took some pictures of it. I have yet to sound it off, but will keep you posted when I do.

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I uploaded m unboxing and all tones videos

Seems like the only major difference is Code 3 Horn being syncable

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I think I’ve figured out the ELMTSR stands for Eluxa MultiTone SoundRange.

Nope. It stands for Eluxa MultiTone Strobe Red

Or Eluxa LED Multi Tone Strobe Red

That doesn’t work because the audible only models still have the L, like ELHNR, ELSPKW, ELFHNR, etc.

Seems like the only major difference is Code 3 Horn being syncable

Actually, Wheelock updated the MT in 2019 (see this datasheet, which refers to the new version as “version 2”) to make the Code 3 horn syncable. I don’t think they changed anything in the ELMT horn.

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