New LED System Sensor L-Series

System Sensor is supposedly coming out with an LED line of the L-Series notification appliances.
It looks like the System Sensor Xenon L-Series but with an LED strobe as well as also.
These devices will also feature test ports and a “lower profile”, There will also be a different kind of strobe lens. These will also come in weatherproof models being the 2nd outdoor led device in the Otherwise, these devices are the same for the most part as the Xenon L-Series.
Discord User’s
Image from a Discord User
A friend who knows someone from system sensor
Please take this info and all the info you see on these new devices with a grain of salt


Wow! I can’t wait to see what they look like, system sensor has came a long way since the mass

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yeah, but the mass still outperforms everything else.

Besides the spectralert classic, the ma/ss is the best alarm system sensors ever Made

The wall mount ones look a little funky, the ceiling mount ones look fine though. Btw, it’d be the 3rd outdoor device, since there was an outdoor classic at one point.

Will the weatherproof version be replacing the weatherproof Advanced as I don’t think there previously was a weatherproof L-Series?

Yeah, it probably will

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I’m a fan of the ceiling mount, but not the wall mount. The wall mount should have the strobe design the same as the Xenon Series, but with a LED strobe in the place of the Flash tube. They should also add a different Reflector design for proper strobe coverage.

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i actually wish they would make an LED MA/SS

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I want to design Modern Compliant Strobes for older devices, like the 2903. Thanks for adding the idea for the LED MASS!

all you need is a 3D printer and chrome spraypaint.

They ugly af
but other than that i like them
I own a L series its just it has the old look with the good Electro-Mechanical Horn

I think the new ones have it too

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Finally, the biggest Fire Alarm company succumbs to the new-LED. Next at bat is Gentex with their Commander 5 and 6. (whenever it comes)

that would be welcome. i think LED would fit them.

Let’s hope their attempt is attractive

I think the new drop ceiling tile L-series speaker strobes will also be LED and go up to 177 candela just like the Eaton/Wheelock Eluxa series.

wOw they look super cool

yeah. maybe they even will have red and green available!

Nice. Are they cheaper?