New! Siemens XMS Pull Stations

Hi all!

As you have probably determined by the title of this thread, Siemens has released a new line of pull stations, known as the X-Series. Currently, the data sheet lists them as compatible only with the new Cerberus PRO Modular and Desigo Modular control panels with the XDLC loop card. They also have Class X isolation capabilities built in to the addressable chip. Programming still requires the Siemens DPU programmer, a method that dates back to the Cerberus Pyrotronics days.

Here’s the data sheet!

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Good to see Siemens finally jumping on the key-reset bandwagon…

Very interesting! I came across the patent for these pull stations not too long ago and was wondering when they would be released. The lettering on the production version differs slightly from that shown in the patent drawings; it looks like the “FIRE” markings were initially supposed to go on either side of the lever rather than on the bottom of the cover.

Speaking of lettering, it would be cool to see a version of this device with pictograms rather than words. The lever already features arrows, and a “house and flame” symbol would fit nicely on the bottom part of the front cover.

I find it interesting that they offer both plastic and metal models of the same device. I can’t think of any other manufacturer that does the same. The “maintenance trouble” feature also appears to be unique to these pull stations.

This is what it looks like. They look pretty nice! I hope they release a conventional version someday.

It does look very interesting and have a sleek design and could go awesome if put it a building whether it is a new one or one that is renovated! Really awesome job they did!

You notice it also has the same push flap as the older MSI.

I just realized that the design of the XMS-series pull stations, particularly with respect to the operating mechanism and switch, almost looks like it’s derived from that of the older MS-60-series devices. I don’t know whether this is a coincidence or intentional. I’m interested in finding out if two-stage versions of the XMS pull stations will be offered, as was the case with the MS-60KS.

Holy crap…I’ve never seen those before! Did they ever actually release them onto the market? None of the Cerberus Pyrotronics documentation I’ve seen has ever listed them before.

I’m thinking that if you haven’t seen them before that they were exclusive to Canada only.

I just did a pretty deep Google crawl and there are no pictures of the MS-60 to be found. Can’t help but wonder if it was a prototype that was never released onto the market.

Since El Chupacabra said that one of the features of it was it being two-stages, I’m thinking it might have been but it is really, really, REALLY rare.

That is very possible. I’m still stumped though…I had no earthly idea those even existed.

Also, I just noticed how similar both the new XMS and the old MS-60 devices are to the MS-151/MS-157 pull stations. They’re very very similar with the exception of the lock mechanism and some cosmetic changes.

It looks like these devices actually made it to production. Here’s a photo of an MS-60KS (not my photo, but this picture is the reason I found out that the MS-60 exists). It’s quite an odd-looking device!

Well then…those are definitely SUPER RARE. I’m going to speculate that they were available in the early-mid 1990s. The “Cerberus Pyrotronics” branding with the iconic Cerberus graphic appeared mid-late 1991 and early 1992 and disappeared around 1999-2000 when Siemens started stripping away the CP branding. I just did a website crawl on the Wayback Machine and there’s no documentation to be found on the archived pages. There are documents available for the MSI/MS-50/MS-150 pulls, though.

It is possible. I mean how many of us knew that the Simplex 4048 was an alarm?

I honestly think they look really strange. The old design looked better. However, I’m glad they improved the reset mechanism. The hex screw was tedious and time-consuming to use.

At least they got that going then.

Those look… Um… Well… They’re, unique. I’m not a fan.

I am sure that their new design will be a bit divisive among many people as it does look different from what people are used to but I guess as long as it works and can save lives that is all that matters.

And now there’s a video of one: Fire Drill at my High School - YouTube