Notifier & Fire-Lite: Filtered or Full Wave Rectified?

Here is an article for determining whether a Notifier or a Fire-Lite panel puts out Filtered or Full-Wave Rectified (FWR) power.

Here are the definitions of the two by how a lot of people know them.

How does a mechanical horn sound on…

  • Filtered: Smooth

    FWR: Raspy

  • Here are some notes about FWR, and why FWR is so bad and should not be used anymore:

  • FWR uses more current, meaning that less devices can be used on the circuit.

    All simplex panels put out Filtered power, and therefore Simplex signals starting with the horizontal 4903 series signals (4903-9219, 4903-9238 etc) and all TrueAlerts, will get damaged and will eventually die if used on FWR.

    Early versions of the Wheelock LED Exceder have been found to short circuit randomly on FWR.

  • And now, the table. All blank spots are products that do not have an equivalent in the other brand.

    Notifier Model # Fire-Lite Model # Output
    AFP-100 MS-9200 FWR
    AFP-200 FWR
    AFP-300 Filtered
    AFP-400 Filtered
    NFW-50 MS-9050UD FWR
    NFW-100 MS-9200UD FWR
    NFW2-100 MS-9200UDLS FWR
    MS-9600 FWR
    SFP-2402 MS-2 FWR
    SFP-2404 MS-4 FWR
    SFP-5UD MS-5UD-3 FWR
    MS-5UD-7 Filtered
    SFP-10UD MS-10UD-7 Filtered
    MS-10UD-3 FWR
    SFP-400 MS-4424 FWR
    SFP-400B MS-4424B FWR
    PAR-3 MRP-4424 FWR
    RP-1001 MRP-1001 FWR
    RP-1002 MRP-1002 FWR
    MS-5024 FWR
    SFP-1024 MS-5210UD FWR
    SGL-2000 MP-24 FWR
    System 500 Sensiscan 200 FWR
    System 2500 w/ MPS-24A Filtered
    System 2500 w/ MPS-24B FWR
    System 5000 w/ MPS-24A Filtered
    System 5000 w/ MPS-24B FWR
    Sensiscan 2000 FWR
    SGL-404 MS-4024 FWR
    MS-2410 FWR
    NFS-320 Filtered
    NFS-640 Filtered
    NFS-3030 Filtered
    NFS2-640 Filtered
    NFS2-3030 Filtered
    FCPS-24 FCPS-24F Filtered
    FCPS-24S6 FCPS-24FS6 Filtered
    FCPS-24S8 FCPS-24FS8 Filtered