Obscure FACPs anyone?

Here’s a bit of a silly topic, obscure FACP.

I’d love to hear about the most obscure systems you ever stumbled upon. Be it because there is lackluster documentation on it, or just that there is no trace of the manufacturer anywhere. Feel free to post pics of your obscure systems and what little of information you have on it.

I’ll start: 1993 Sicli TSI-12 (10 zones, conventional).

Just hauled this old beast from my friend’s place, that friend who bought this odd unit in Southern France. It works but we couldn’t get it to activate… Had to get a bit creative there.

The panel does respond to commands, but we can’t figure out a way to connect the IDCs and NAs.

There is absolutely NO DOCUMENTATION anywhere on the internet, I’ve been sleuthing the web for a year or so about this unit, nothing turned up.

A lot of the older Edwards panels I have, I can’t find any documentation on the panels whatsoever.

I can relate, it’s always a bit frightening to do a lot of “trial and error” on obscure units, eventually, you can come across someone who happens to have the documentation about said units.

Relating again to this, I’ve somehow got ahold of a incomplete documentation regarding my Sicli FACP, so hey, it’s a start, I guess.


I’ve only ever seen this once, but here’s an Edwards 5721 system. I’ve heard from a classmate that they’re relay-based (he did some service on a 5721B).

I can’t remember the model numbers of the light plate and the Adaptahorn, but I believe the pull station is actually a cover with a 270-SPO underneath, but I don’t know for sure.

Does anyone have knowledge on old Cerberus Pyrotronics voice panels?

<URL url="Old Cerberus Pyrotronics voice systems?]Here[/url] are some clips.

Pyrotronics offered a conventional panel known as the 3024 in the 1980s. It’s cabinet matched the styling of the XL3 addressable panels. I assume it was the predecessor to the CP-400 series and offered as a lower-cost alternative to the System3 for small jobs. The only reason I know it exists is because of an old eBay listing. I’ll include the (deactivated) link here in case someone can manage to dig up the listing somehow.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pyrotronics-Fi … SwK6RZDTRe”>https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pyrotronics-Fire-Alarm-Control-Panel-Metal-Hinged-Cabinet-NEW-OLD-STOCK-/172662302047?hash=item283379a55f:g:wEQAAOSwK6RZDTRe</LINK_TEXT>

A few years ago, Destin shared a bunch of <URL url="LOTS of Old Brochures]old ads[/url] showing panels that I had never heard of: the Notifier SAS-200 and CMS-100, Gamewell Flex 500, and Standard Electric Time SET-7080 (which looks suspiciously similar to a Simplex 2001). These panels must have been quite rare as there are no signs of their existence online beyond these brochures.

Here are a few other obscure panels I’ve seen online (none of these pictures are mine):

Edwards 1520A

AIP AI9820

Unelco 7200 (I’d LOVE to learn more about this panel)

Mirtone 9100 (shown here without its cabinet or modules). I believe the 9100 was Mirtone’s first addressable panel; it is likely the only addressable Mirtone panel that is not a rebranded GS product.

Mirtone 712

Simplex 4016 (I believe this is a rebranded Mircom Series 100, which is also an obscure product under its original branding)

I can’t retrieve that page, but I saved a photo from the listing when it was still up (I’m pretty sure it’s from the listing you mentioned):

THAT’S IT!! Dear Lord, what I’d give to get my hands on one of those…

I actually own a Mirtone 712! I took it out of a 3 story walk up and replaced it with an EST Fireshield (the building just wanted to upgrade the panels, nothing was wrong with it). Haven’t had time to play around with it, its currently sitting in my basement.

If you ever have the opportunity to make a video of your 712, I’d love to see it! I’ve never spotted one in person. It’s such a unique-looking panel; its appearance reminds me of some older panels from overseas, such as this Chubb Mk III ZoneMaster from the UK.

Yeah for sure! I’m in the process now of reorganizing my collection so hopefully I can start making some videos, as I’ve gotten some very interesting things over the course of a few years.

A tech who’s been with our company for 25 years has seen, and actually replaced a Mircom FX-1000. Yes that’s correct, an FX-1000. Not FA-1000, FX-1000. It was a rebrand of I believe an addressable FCI panel from the 90s. We have the guts for the panel in our “graveyard” somewhere

Those panels are indeed quite rare! I’ve only ever seen one FX-1000 (which has since been replaced with an FX-2000). The FX-1000 appears to be a rebranded FCI 7200 Micro.