Old systems with no strobes.

Have you seen any in your area? I don’t see many. There’s one old department store in my area that has horns and pull stations. No strobes anywhere.

You don’t see to many of them around here.

No, but I have found a system with bells, no strobes, an no horns. It had 10" Wheelock motor bells and NBG-10L’s.

So isn’t that a yes?

As evidenced by Twoplyboy’s videos, older systems without visual signals are quite common in my area. Most new installations are equipped with strobes but when older panels are upgraded, the original audible-only signals are often left in place.

I see a lot of horn-only or bell-only systems around here. And while most of the newer installs I’ve seen have strobes, even the relatively new Superstore doesn’t have strobes.

I can say the same thing. I live down in London, and the only systems with horn/strobes are in schools. Most of the systems here are Bells, or just horns. & Like you said, most fire alarm upgrades here just consist of the panel, the NAs, or both getting replaced. I have never seen a full upgrade of a system here.

I rember seeing a store with mt horns only on the walls and exceder strobes on the ceiling

Well, in that case, the system does have strobes.


We have a couple I know of -

•Ellis Middle School, as of 1995, has 9806s, and the only visual warning is flashing Exit signs that flash along with the march time pattern (Simplex 2001 panel).

•The local Social Security office has Simplex 6" bells on 4050-80 light plates… technically not strobes.

•The offices of the people who work with me (a converted house) have a single 34T-24, however a second location does have Gentex GX-90 H/S units.

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I can’t think of any place that does not have strobes the more I think about it. Most of the schools around here that used to have no strobes have been upgraded to newer systems.

Yep. There’s only one place in my area that I know of that has a fire alarm system without strobes. All the other places in my area with systems that I know of will at least have the pre-ADA translucent strobes.

The reason is because NFPA codes have changed a lot and people were forced to change there system

Actually, old systems are grandfathered and don’t have to change unless they provide inadequate protection for the building.

I see a ton of systems without strobes in my area due to Pittsburgh’s preponderance of old buildings and lax attitude towards fire codes. Ironically, the borough building where I met with the local AHJ has no strobes.

They are also supposed to install strobes if new NA’s are being installed, right?

Yes, if a new NA is being installed where there wasn’t one previously. However, replacement devices don’t need to have strobes if the rest of the system doesn’t.