One better not be in Home Depot when the fire alarm goes off

If they are, it will damage their hearing. Considering how many Gentex Commander horn/strobes they have and how close together they are. Ouch!

Lol I’m reading this from inside a Home Depot on my phone.

I’ve been in one Home Depot that has that set up. It looked a bit like overkill but I was hoping some of them were just strobes. Haha!

The homedepot here has that same set up

Most buildings like those (including Walmart) have only some with horns. My local Home Depot has AS’s, and blue Commanders by every emergency exit door.

the walmart here has wheelock AS’s

Are they wall mounted? Only one Walmart around me is like that, the rest have ceiling mounted SpectrAlerts.

yes they are wall mount

It must be common for Walmarts to have different system that are like matching systems at other Walmarts. Some Walmarts have speakers on the ceiling for voice evac.

the walmart here dose not have voice evac

Hearing damage won’t occur. You might have the crap scared out of you, but that’s kind of the intent.

A local Target which is next to the local Home Depot has horns on some of the poles and white RSS strobes on the ceiling. A lot better than the Home Depot setup. No overkill.

Every one of these big stores that I’ve been into, and noticed the system, just had every few NA’s with horns on them. So, some of them probably are just remote strobes. They put so many so people in the aisles can see the strobes going off.

The newer Publix’s around me have NA’s hanging from conduit just right above the aisles. There are several NA’s on each aisle, and only some of them have horns.

Same here! Do you live in Texas?

Yes that is true at other stores. However at the local home depot, every other Gentex ceiling-mount NA has a horn, that’s a lot of horns. Ouch!

My target has white ceiling mounted SpectrAlert Classics. The hallway for the restrooms has one that is wall mounted.

Oh, wow! I didn’t know they all had horns.

They don’t all have horns. Every other one has a horn though.

Oh, sorry, I see where I misread that. Depending on how close they are, it might not be too loud (because Home Depot’s don’t have drop ceilings). It should be quieter than the AS’s at my Home Depot. Also, the pitch or frequency of Commander 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s are less annoying than AS’s.

they probly wont be that loud

Wheelock AS’s went off at a Lowe’s with my grandparents when I was about 7 years old. It was loud and obnoxious. My grandma took me and my sister outside until they got it turned off, and my grandpa just turned his hearing aid down and continued shopping. :lol: