Rare EST3 voice evac message

I’ve never heard an est message that says this.

If you can’t hear it, it says “Attention, Attention, There has been an emergency reported in the building. While this report is being verified, please leave the building immediately using marked stairways and exits. Do not use elevators, repeat, do not use elevators.”

I haven’t either, but that’s actually a combination of several Edwards/EST male messages, though as far as any of us know it is indeed unique to that particular system & thus is “rare”. I also find it odd that there’s a constantly-sounding whoop tone as well as why such a place would want a custom message when any of the standard male messages should be fine.

It looks like it’s in Las Vegas, and they have very strict fire codes and such after some fatal hotel fires. Plus many of those casinos are massive, I’m not surprised some would have custom messages and what not.

One would think it’s Las Vegas given the slot machines & such, but according to the original uploader the video was taken at the Yaamava’ Resort & Casino in Highland, California.