Rare Smoke Detectors

Put that thing on eBay , I am sure a smoke detector collector would buy it

Old guy chiming in, remember willbill808? :slight_smile:
That’s probably the oldest BRK smoke alarm with that style shell. Has an electromechanical 60Hz buzzer and is the photoelectric counterpart to the 1839ACI. They were sold around the same time (early 80s).

I most certainly know you: in addition to being a member of the fire & life safety community you also helped the “Real Wheels” community greatly when it came to the soundtrack of the series.

Wow, really? Cool! All the more important that it’s preserved then if you ask me.

If I were you, I’d keep it. It’s totally worth saving. Although, if you want to sell it, you could make some good money off of it

I don’t think Tim is into those kinds of things like we are, & thus would be interested in keeping it, doesn’t mean they can’t give it (& any others they may have in their house) to someone who is into such though.

Does it have a kobishi ac buzzer

Maybe not Kobishi, but as @willbill808 said, it has a vibrating horn. I now want one of these so bad.

Well, it’s on ebay if anyone wants it :slight_smile: https://www.ebay.com/itm/404137329730

Abandoned building near me has this FCI Duct Detector. Looks rather old. Building has been abandoned since 2004 so this thing hasn’t been powered in 2 decades. From what I can tell, the enclosure was made by Kidde Fenwal. But I don’t know what the detector itself is made by or what it is.

Oh wow. I have never seen an fci duct detector like that

The detector itself appears to be made by Fenwal as I have one that’s of virtually identical design (though mine is not a duct detector).

Interesting. Any idea on how old it is? Or if its ion or photo?
If it helps, as far as I know, the building originally had Edwards coded pulls, and were later ripped out in the late 70s for a Faraday system, and later in the 90s a Simplex 4020 system, which appeared to be panel linked with the Faraday panel.
The Faraday panel was dated 1978, but seemed to have “modules” added that were dated 1984. I don’t know exactly when the 4020 was put in other than it was the 90s as it had addressable truealarms and connected to it.

Mine is a Fenwal 70-202003-001 (gotta love Fenwal & their ridiculously long model numbers, though it’s also marked as model “CPD7021”) & is ionization, not sure if they made models with identical designs but that are photoelectric though. Not exactly sure when it was made, but my guess is sometime between the 70s & 90s going by the design.

Not sure where that Fenwal/FCI duct detector comes in if the building supposedly never had an FCI system.

I was wondering that too. But there are some buildings around as it is one of many buildings (most of which are demolished or being demolished), that were once part of a bigger complex.
The alarm systems in each one of them were really weird. Every building had a 4020 that was usually connected to an older panel. All the buildings had Faraday products, 2 had notifier products from the 60s, and one which was a notably bigger building had a FCI branded panel from the 80s? But this detector and the panel in the aforementioned building are the only FCI products that I know of there.

Not sure exactly how rare this is, but here you go. An Esl 541ncsxt

I’ve heard that ten-tek brand detectors are rare. Here is mine:

Looks like ionization to me. Photoelectric ones would be different.

Guys how can we get a brk 77r there so rare

Let me show you my collection

That look likes a ionizing one