Ripoff EST

I was on google looking for a panel and found this GST

Oh wow! :joy: They didn’t even try!

“GST” is the acronym form of “Gulf Security Technology Company Limited”, a Chinese-based fire alarm manufacturer owned by Carrier Global (Edward’s parent company), hence why there are Edwards/EST devices in the photos on that page (even if they likely wouldn’t be used in GST’s market).

Look at those NA! They look photoshopped!
They look like real EST!
The rip-off devices probably explode when hooked up how cheap they are. :joy:

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they did not eventry tomake them both face the same way

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Sort of confused by what you’re saying but I’m pretty sure those are actual photos of actual Edwards/EST devices. Also did you not read what I said about the company?

Isn’t that already a risk when it comes to EST?


Technically no: despite what most people will say Edwards/EST systems I’d say are just as good as most brands’ if not better (including when it comes to exclusive features).

You can’t stop me from poking fun at them though.

Alright, but if you ask me they really don’t deserve the hate they get.

That’s fair. Some of the features that they have are interesting, like the device mapping feature.

Mhm, not to mention being one of the only (if not the only) companies to make a multi-criteria detector.

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“Fricked up in the crib with a GST” :sob::sob::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:

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Of course it’s an Indian product :skull:

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That’s crazy not gonna lie

As I said above “GST” is owned by the same company that owns Edwards, Carrier Global, & they’re based in China, not India, thus there’s no ripoffing or knockoffing going on here.

Bc they’re not worth ripping off. The ripoff would be better than the actual thing lol

Again, please stop with the Edwards/EST bashing: they are not as unreliable as everyone makes them out to be.

I also think that the GST panels look cooler than EST panels. Can someone please lock this topic?

We’re allowed to have our own opinions. EST isn’t completely bad, it’s just not great. That’s all