Siemens discontinues the Faraday brand

Today when looking up a Faraday fire alarm product’s datasheet, I discovered that on the Siemens fire website, they apparently have discontinued the Faraday line. Their addressable MPC-6000 and MPC-7000 panels are now listed as “legacy” systems (along with the System 3 and the MXL.) When trying to find the Faraday website, it just redirects to the Siemens fire alarm site.

I am guessing Faraday has now been completely folded into Siemens, and no longer exists as a separate subsidiary. I also have been unable to find any pull station information on the Siemens site, but I think Siemens has recently discontinued the metal “Chevron”-style pulls Faraday made (that they got after acquiring the S.H. Couch company in the late 70s). Besides, Siemens seems to mostly go with the RSG T-bars for their metal pull station option these days.

So first Siemens discontinues Faraday’s unique long-running line of alarm signals, and now they eliminate the Faraday brand altogether. A long legacy has ended.

I know my college’s Liberal Arts and Humanities building share a Faraday MPC-7000 system that was installed when both buildings were renovated in 2005, and there is talk they plan to replace it soon, largely because the system is having numerous issues and is from a discontinued company, and because the college has since switched to Notifier/Fire-Lite for new fire alarm stuff.

So they’re probably not gonna continue with the Adapter series. (The U-HN, U-MMT series)

That is, if they ever make their own signals again.

Interestingly enough the middle school I went to had a Faraday 7800 (old conventional modular panel from the 70’s or 80’s) that constantly had problems. Simplex had the service contract and they were constantly there working on it. Occasionally the horns would blast for a few seconds while they were working on it and they would make an announcement to ignore the alarms. It had the old metal Chevron pulls. I also remember seeing a Faraday Firewatch II in the gym building of my elementary school. It was a small conventional panel from probably the early 90’s. Then, a few years ago the company I work for ripped a Faraday MPC6000 out of a hotel that was being remodeled. There were a few chevron pulls in that building, a couple of which I took home with me.

This is a 7800

What was the MPC6000 replaced with?

I have to admit, I thought that the Faraday brand was already folded into Siemens when I heard this. I guess now it really is.

The Faraday panels have been gone for a while now. Also, if you click the Downloads tab on the Siemens Fire Safety site, you can access all of the data sheets for their current (and some legacy) systems. Lastly, the metal Chevron pulls still exist in addressable forms (H and I series), but I don’t think they are made in a conventional form.

We installed a Notifier NFS2-640.


The Faraday stuff was never anything but a headache, doesn’t surprise me it’s been completely scrapped. Especially now that they’ve brought back the Cerberus name on their new panels for re-sellers.

Panel wise, nothing in the Faraday portfolio ever even remotely compared to the Cerberus-Pyrotronics line Siemens bought at the same time. They probably bought Faraday purely for the signals which they had to stop making in 2007 because of patent issues.

Not to mention the lawsuit has been over for a while now and I’m pretty sure Siemens will never ever ever make their own signals again.

That’s what they will probably end up replacing the Faraday MPC-7000 at my college with. Three other buildings already have NFS2-640 systems (one of them is rebranded by Johnson Controls), and they are pretty good systems. Plus, then they can probably network them all together in some way! (Even though the Field House has a Fire-Lite MS-9600UDLS and the Maintenance garage still has its’ old Standard Alarm-atic panel in use.) The smoke detectors on the MPC-7000 system keep ending up showing as “unresponsive” on the system, and it’s difficult to obtain replacements due to them being discontinued. Replacing it with a Notifier system would make it a whole lot easier on the college…

Also, here’s my understanding on the whole Faraday buying-out/merging history: Faraday bought S.H. Couch in 1977 followed by Standard Electric Time in 1978-1979, and kept both brands alive until the early-to-mid 80s when they folded both companies into Faraday completely; Cerberus Pyrotronics bought out Faraday in 1995; Siemens bought Cerberus Pyrotronics in 1998 and got Faraday with it, and kept the CP name in use until the early 2000s when they rebranded it as Siemens’s Cerberus division, and then a year or two back Faraday was completely folded into Siemens.

Probably the weirdest Cerberus panel to ever come out was the IXL.

Anyway, I read somewhere that despite Siemens using rebranded Wheelock signals from now on, Siemens actually owns the particular plant that makes them and so they’re technically Siemens alarms? Not sure where I heard that or if that’s even true.

If it was true, and Wheelock hit them with a lawsuit, couldn’t they just threaten to evict them from the plant?

Okay, well it actually isn’t true. Wheelock continues to sell the Z-series to Siemens, but allows them to put in the circuitry that allows the signals to only sync to Siemens sync protocol. When Wheelock sued Siemens, they limited Siemens to only one series of devices, the Z-series. Siemens never stopped buying the Z-series since the 8 year term ended. As long as Siemens spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Z-series, Wheelock won’t stop making them.

Which confuses me - if Wheelock still sells the Z-series to Siemens, why don’t they use them themselves? I know the Exceder and Exceder LED are their current lines, but if they’re still making another line why not sell those instead?

Keep in mind Siemens’ AS and MTH series’ also in production.

Do they call the “AS” anything else besides the “AS” or is it still an “AS” for Siemens?

Siemens does way more than that. Any Wheelock alarm that isn’t the Exceeder series, wall mounted NSes, or vertical/non-ADA is used by Siemens.

I was just wondering out of curiosity, how long was the ZNS around for? Seems like it wasn’t in production for long but that might be because I only saw a handful ever.

Wheelock Exceder LED3 series is used by siemens.

model #?