Simplex Addressable TrueAlerts

I think we all know that the addressable truealerts have higher overtones than the conventional ones. Not sure any of us know why. Was it intentional? Feel free to discuss below

iv never Honestly noticed that

As far as I know only TrueAlertES-series notification appliances (which are addressable but still separate from Simplex addressable NAs) are higher-pitched.

All of them are. Watch some of Safetech’s videos

Or Mr. Truealert. He has what collectors dream of.

How can you tell whether the systems in them have addressable TrueAlerts or not though?

If they used the right covers it would show TrueAlert ES instead of TrueAlert.
Also for the ES, there is a variety of options for the multitone version


Yes, but other than that you can’t really tell from the outside if a non-ES TrueAlert device is addressable or not & thus we don’t know for sure if non-ES addressable TrueAlerts have high-pitched horns as well.

You can see the led poll in it. Plus, they sound like truealert es devices, rather than standard truealerts

Ah yes, almost forgot about addressable ones having LEDs.

Could you give me an example of a Simplex system with supposedly-addressable NAs?

Any pre-es IDNet system. Most commonly a 4100u, or a 4010 classic (with a truealert addressable controller ofc) if you have a truealert addressable controller, you could run it on any system conventionally (that’d be kinda stupid though)

I mean a video example so I can hear for myself if they truly have high-pitched horns or not.

This system has a mix of es and non-es truealerts. You can hear how similar they sound.

I just wanna know why they don’t sound like normal truealerts or why normal truealerts don’t sound like that.

I was wondering why they were high-pitched like TrueAlertES devices even though they should be low-pitched. If your theory about addressable TrueAlerts using the same horns as ES ones is correct we might have an answer.

I, personally find the new Simplex ES TrueAlert Horn Strobes kind of annoying. I like the good old TrueAlerts. Although, the Simplex ES Truealert series added ceiling mounts. So, I like that. I mean, the Simplex 4100ES Panel is cool! Am I right?

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I definitely prefer the lower-pitched sound that most TrueAlerts have too: something about the high-pitched TrueAlertES devices just doesn’t sound right.

Man those things are hella expensive too. We have to use them in a hotel that has a 2 stage system, and they are a pain to get. The system isn’t even programmed correctly too, first stage is code 3, second stage is 60bpm.

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I agree. kind of like if they made the EST integrity high-pitched.

Interestingly, the modulation is more variable on the addressable truealert

what app/website are you using?