Sneak Preview of Whole House Fire Alarm System

There she is! Thought the video would upload in HD But unfortunately it didn’t.
Voice evac was added for Dramatization.
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Apparently i fail at inserting YT videos! haha

What a mess

Does a home need 3 fraken panels for a “home system”

If your going to do it, do it right.

I went ahead and fixed it for you.

Overkill and not needed.

I also did not see any standard residential type smokes… Where are they???


Ahyeap! This is why we tell people NOT to mess around with this stuff…

Clearly no indication they know what they are doing. This mess will probably cause someone to get disoriented in a fire…

Not to mention his poor parents trying to shut the crap off when it trips because he uses old ass smokes.

“Do not walk to the nearest exit.”

Also, smoke in kitchen… first time someone burns food there’s gonna be hell.

I am not even convinced they are really connected to eachother. However if they are whatever he did is beyond hackish. Use the one of like 500 security systems installed in the house to trip them? That means using wireless security smokes…

What a disaster.

Ive counted 6 panels…


Didn’t realize how much hate this would all get. I will do a whole system explanation video here in a little bit. But to answer the questions so far, Yes samson, This house does need 3 “frakin” fire alarm panels. Consider then SNAC’s.

First off, This system is wireless. It operates on Ademco’s 5800 Wireless technology. The fire alarm panels communicate between one another with Honeywell Lynx security panels. Pretty much being used as interfaces. The system is wireless because I simply cannot run wire in some places of our house. because all the walls inside my room do not directly lead to the basement, and or attic space.

Second, Thanks Mr. Nerd for telling me i have no idea what i am doing. That’s great you think that, you’re entitled to your own opinion. I’ve been working with fire alarms for several years now and this is obviously not something i’d install in an actual system. This is pretty much a proof of concept system. Not going to be expanded farther than my house.

Third, The smoke detectors installed are not old. Far from it. Perhaps the one in the kitchen is a little older than the rest of them, But they were all purchased NIB/NOS.

Fourth, The system is not disorienting when it is activated. No different from any other system you might find.

Fifth, There are emergency stop buttons that i have wired into the NAC’s of the panels. So in worst case scenario, Parents, or whoever is near can simply hit those and it opens the NAC circuit. They do know how to shut them off as well.

The system will be removed as apparently nobody appears to like it, and perhaps i might attempt putting in a proper system.

I will have to say that i am disappointed with the replies on this video. This is a community for enthusiasts to share ideas, cool projects, and more.
This is simply a so to say “play” system, and when i work over the summer with a fire alarm installer, It is as serious as can be, as you can be fined for not following NFPA 72, OSHA, NEC, and Local codes.

Thanks for everybody’s concern on this system.

Use the ademco panel, a signal, and the wireless smokes. THATS ALL.

Can you provide us with the model number of the smokes?

No, We’re done here. Andrew, Or any admin, Please delete this thread and the video will be removed from youtube.

System will be removed at once.
Apparently this community can’t be friendly anymore, and help support, and educate other members.

lol wow, way to be rude.

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Let’s clear a few things up.

I am the ONLY one so far in this post who is entitled to an oppinon.

Secondly it is beyond a “play” system.

I have made it VERY clear on this forum how a play system should be installed. It should be installed on a board and plugged in. It should not extend past said board and never be hardwired. Techically the board should not even be attached to the wall! Going outside of those recommendations makes it a fixture. It has to comply with local codes and in many cases only be installed by someone with a certification or license. Why? Because if that system is to cause or lead to a problem it can mean to many things. Like what? Loss of home insurance coverage and in an extreme situation loss of a mortgage which would cause you to pay for a home you can’t even live in because of fire damage. Extreme? Yup! Possible? Very! Comming from a kid who has had a FIRE in his closet already because of lack of knowlege and carelessness you should be heeding these warnings. Secondly, when you first installed the silent knight panel you had a ground fault and had to come here for help.

You do not show the signs of anyone that understands code or the concequences for not following it. Outside of code in some parts of the country installing without a licence has different consequences. Do you understand what those are where you live?

We offer fantastic support for those that heed our advice about being SAFE. Because that is what this is all about. Fire alarms are not toys. You are dealing with something that is only meant to be installed by someone with significant experience.

Take a look at what Destin does with his system. I am not supporting someone like samson who chose to install his own system. Infact if you ask him I refuse to help him with it. His “play” system installed on a board in his room? I have spent a few hours with him helping him learn how to work with his addressable panel.

Life is not about being cuddled. If you do not want to be hit with the honest truth… well you need to wake up. I have also unlocked this so you can post a reply.

For the record…

In our home i installed a GE Concord 4, to be used as a fire system. It is installed very nicely, no wires are shown, everything has a “clean install” feel to it.

As for my demo system or “play system”, Yes i do have a few play systems. On one wall i have an addressable demo system and on the other wall i have the conventional/homemade panel demo board.

The point is, there is no need to go overkill for a home system. Yeah i spent a few hundred dollars on the concord, smokes, and a few other detectors but its for legitimate. I do not intend to film many videos of that system infact my subscribers will be lucky if they even get a video of it.


Your house is not a hospital, or a skyscraper. You don’t need 3 panels to sound a few horns. In order to use SNACs, you’d need hundreds of horns, not just five. That IFP-1000 can protect a SCHOOL let alone a home system. I think you’re just showing off how many panels you happen to own. Also…if you are trying to emulate a real-life system, why vary the horns? That in itself is pointless.

If I remember correctly, your OP states “leave comments below.” Not all comments are positive; a comment is an observation or opinion about a particular subject. We’re observing many issues with your system… these issues could, theoretically, start a fire. Believe me, no one likes being wrong, but sometimes, we need to accept advice to stay safe.

Wait… sorry everyone. :oops:

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