Some Fire Alarm Pics (56k warning)

Well, I got a new digital camera, And Here are some pictures I took with it!

First Off-The Hospital.

Here is a Simplex T-Bar.

This one doesn’t have an Break Bar.

This one does have one.

This is a sprinkler.

And This is the alarms, I think. I think this is a voice Evac. System, Because these are the only alarms i found. Plus I didn’t find a panel.

This is the button to call for help. I had to press it for my sister a couple of times.

This is the thing that would light up when the button was pushed.

And This is the pull cord in the washroom which was taped.

That’s all! Expect More Images later.

Sorry for the huge pictures. I’ll fix it.

If anyone’s wondering why there is no pics, I’m fixing something. So Please wait.

It’s done. Enjoy!

None of them work for me

Those are huge they won’t load for me, try this.

The hospital call things I’ve looked at are wired into the tv control, and theres usually a pullcord in the bathroom that’s supposed to be tied so you can reach it from the shower. When you pull it this weird little clear plastic reset button pops up and starts blinking. When you push it back in it resets. I’m gonna try using one as a lightswitch, I haven’t unscrewed one to look into it yet. The nurse desks have weird panels where the nurse calls beep and light up, there’s some kind of intercom but I have no idea how to work it. The control box is hidden in a wall, I found it because I heard the blink relay for the room light clicking after I set one off in a room. The newer ICU ward has a digital nurse call hidden in the headboard.

The hospital I go to has the same standpipe like the one you posted but it’s behind a door with a glass window and with old shiny silver water/CO2 extinguishers back there. Most of the standpipes are dead now but if I find a live one I’d like to try using it. They’ve got those cheap plastic nozzles but I’ve used one of those with a city hydrant wetting down dust and that stream was crazy.

There Are More Pics.

These were taken at the hospital.

Ewards Adaptabel.

Some sort of smoke.

Old Edwards 270-SPO.

Another Edwards Adaptabel.

I thought this was a very cool exit sign.

The fire hose.

The next photos were taken at my old ES. I came to visit and took these photos!

The alarms are Mircom Select-A-Horn/Strobes. Also that flash was my camera.

Edwards 4" adaptabel used for class change.

This is the security siren that sounded whenever we had a fire drill.

An older verson of the Edwards Classic Pull.

And this is the panel. There used to be a Edwards custom 6500 there, as you can see from the black surrounding the panel.

That’s all for today! (And I will fix those other ones tommorrow.)

I’ll fix those tom. Sorry.

That smoke is (fittingly for your username) an Edwards 6350B, which is actually a rebranded BRK 751D. I have one in my collection.

Wow! Exactly how many smoke detectors do you have? (Or can you even count them all?)

EdwardsFan, your images still aren’t working.

I will fix them now. I just got back from a b-ball tournament. The two pictures that i Can’t put up is the gas and line pressure panels. I had
them on imageshack, But I deleted them. Then, I deleted them off my camera! That was a huge mistake. Sorry, Everyone.


Here are more from my old ES.

This is showing that the panel is normal.

Here are the smokes.

Here’s another Mircom Select-A-Horn/Strobe, But I turned off the flash on
my camera.

Here are the class change bells outside.

An Edwards 874-N5.

Edwards 6" Bell.

One Of the outside Speakers. This one hasn’t worked since I was here in Gr.2. I think they should fix it.

And the very loud Edwards 10" bell, Which replaced an Edwards 4" Bell.
I always hated to get caught under these things. It happened to me 10 times!

And The last set of pics are from the b-ball tournament game I was at today.

A wheelock 34T-24! This is the first time I’ve ever seen one of these!

An Edwards Integriety Horn only unit.

This is some Mircom Device. It actually says “MIRTONE END-OF-LINE-DEVICE.” I have absolutly no idea of what this does.

An Edwards Classic pull station which was connected to the device.

A newer Edwards Classic Pull station.

This is the panel, I think. I do not know what alarm company made this.

The “Map” part of the panel, Or is it just a map?

Another Edwards pull.

A closeup of one of the Integrietys.

The Integriety from the above pic.

And Yet another Integriety.

That all the pics! Enjoy!

Hold on to your seats! 279

The “map” is actually a graphic annunciator. It tells basically where the alarm is from on the map. It was really cool to see it when I got to pull the fire alarm. It flashed on the map below “Lobby” then on the side it gave more information such as “Pull Station” “Lobby”

HOOOOOLLLLLYYY CRAAAAAAP!!! How can you possibly have room for all of those in your house or apartment?!?!

That is a System Sensor 2400 series ionization smoke.

This is the EXACT same bell they had in my junior high’s gym. Label and all! Except there were two in the gym. :shock:

I have some here and the rest at my parent’s.

Oh. That would explain it. That’s awesome!

I’ll bet you anything that the first picture of the pullstation, when it’s pulled, it calls some one to that pull to acknowlege if there’s a fire first, then if there is, the guy uses a key for that key switch behind the pull bar and that sets off the alarms.