Strobes flashing in code 3

The strobes at the school I work at flash in code 3 as opposed to continuous flashing.

That might be the result of a programming error with one of the NACs.

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Actually, the EST Genesis speaker strobes have a little jumper in the unit that you can cut and it will flash the strobes to Code 3. It’s pretty interesting. I have included a picture

The horns at my school sound in code 3. When the horns are on pause so are the strobes.

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That’s very interesting and pretty cool. What are the alarms?

Wait really? I had no idea. Wonder why they’d include such a feature though especially since strobes are required to flash continuously & be connected to a non-coded circuit.

I think they include it for private mode notification. I attached a picture to the previous post

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I honestly don’t see why private mode notification would ever need temporal 3 strobes but okay.

It’s weird but here is a picture and a link to the data sheet.

The alarms are Simplex Truealerts on the interior of the school. The alarms on the exterior are different. Not sure what type of alarm they are. They look kind of like Wheelock NS horn/strobes, but I am not sure.

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One of the exterior alarms at my school.

That would explain it. 4-wire TrueAlerts have the option of being either free run or synchronized, with the strobe flashing when power is cut. It sounds like the horns and strobes are wired together and the panel is set on code 3.


That looks like It’s a Wheelock MT-24MCW Horn strobe

That’s good thinking! I would have never thought of that lol!

I believe the full model number is “MT-24MCW-FR”, or “Multi Tone, 24 (volts), Multi Candela Wall, Fire (lettering), Red”.

Ah yes! Your correct. Couldn’t quite remember it so I just posted the basic model number.

Yes, my school has those for the exterior alarms. The interior alarms are Simplex Truealerts. The pull stations are Simplex T bars. The ones in the halls have Stopper covers with squealers. The two pull stations in the cafeteria lobby near the exits and the one in the kitchen have no Stopper covers.

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I promise you those jumpers are very very rarely cut in the field… especially a school with hundreds of horn/strobes, they won’t be cutting those on install. It’s only done for rare cases.

Oh yeah of course. I can’t even imagine a situation in which you would have to use those jumpers haha

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