Suggestions for any fire alarms

We’ll talk about what you’d suggest specific fire alarms to what you desire.

Here’s one from me:

IMO, The 2400Hz continuous tone on the MASS series are for wimps.
I would replace that tone with either 1200Hz continuous or a siren version of its Slow Whoop tone. However, I would keep the 2400Hz Interrupted tone. :evil: :? It’s just that it gets me confused with the Gentex Commander series’ steady tone.

The sound of the Spectralert Advance i wished would sound a lot like the “Classic” Spectralert.

I agree. They are way too sharp and unnecessarily loud.

Make a ZAS. Why not? We have a ZNS, so why can’t we have a ZAS?



ZPS (Phone Signal)


How about adding a spring to Edwards 278 pulls?

Simplex 4052’s anybody?

Since they’re going for a low-frequency tone, I’d make it sound more like the TrueAlert or the Edwards 892.

In fact, on that note, the Integrity should use the same horn as the 892, but with code-3 capability of course.

And how about an ADA-compliant version of the Wheelock 700xT?

I think the way to go is lower pitched piezos like the Integrity, since they have such low current draw and high sound output. They should also make horns that are designed for sleeping areas, and have a lower sound output. Nobody likes being woken up to an AS! :shock:

Horns that have the option to fade in instead of just go off…

Thanks man, I forgot about that

The TrueAlert should have a Code-3 option on the alarm itself. I realize that it isn’t really necessary, but I have one myself, and I’d like to set it off in Code-3 without having to do it by hand.

Bring back some old alarms, like the 9219, but have them updated.

Well the 9219 would be as up to code as a U-HNH. It was discontinued probably because of the new addressable TrueAlerts.

My guess is that since TrueAlerts are pretty much exclusively used with Simplex panels, which have the coding options, there’s no need to put them in the signals as well.

I do think Simplex should come out with weatherproof horns so that they don’t have to use Wheelock or System Sensor signals in outdoor applications.

Yeah, and Simplex should have a lift and pull dual action version of their T-handles where a cover covers the handle.

How about a dual action BG-8?

Well pretty much all new panels have coding options. So going with that argument, no alarm should have a Code-3 option on the back of the signal?

Most, but not all. Since companies like Wheelock, System Sensor, Gentex, and Faraday/Siemens are making alarms for usage with all types of systems, it’s best to cover all your bases.

Now, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to put a code-3 option on the TrueAlert, but since Simplex are only serving themselves, they probably figure it isn’t worth the trouble.

And keep in mind, 1/2 the time (at least in my area), they don’t even install their own signals - they use Wheelock signals. Simplex only installs their system and the initiating devices…

That System Sensor should keep making multitone appliances, but having some of the tones being code-3.

What the heck is a ZNS? :?: