System Sensor has released low frequency sounder/strobes.

System Sensor has released low frequency sounders and sounder/ meet the new NFPA 72®2010/2013 low frequency requirements for commercial sleeping spaces.

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They look pretty cool, IMHO.

When were these released? They sound very quiet, I will have to get one.

have they even been released yet?

I think they have, but of course, I am not a distributor, so I have no idea.

I have been looking for those because I’m going to get me one

geeze dude! :shock:

Those do have an interesting look to them. It’s probably going to be a couple of months before they start showing up on eBay for good prices though. :frowning:

They look nice, I would like one but newer alarms don’t interest me as much and older-basic ones. At least it’s still a strobe and not a LED…

Hmm, I’m good friends with a distributor… I’ve purchased stuff from him in the past… Wonder if I’d be able to…

You should get extra for us because we’re all friends here and that’s what friends do :slight_smile:

That’s interesting to see a low-pitched horn/strobe again. While electromechanical horns might not be used again, hopefully these will be found around town.

I bet there made like chime strobes

Nah, it’s more like the MASS that can only do the 800hz tone, but not 800hz because it’s even lower pitched than that. It’s a shame that System Sensor doesn’t make multitone devices anymore… leave that to Wheelock, Simplex, and Gentex now. - Here’s a video demo System Sensor has done from NFPA 2013.

Those are designed to be used in living areas, I don’t think they will appear around town much, except in hotels, and facilities that have people sleeping.

It could have a small speaker, like the kind found in laptops. If not, it has a giant piezo.

I have to admit, they look sort of like a mix between a Classic Spectra and an Advanced.

Is it because the strobe is near the bottom, and the sounder is near the top?

Yup. That pretty much sums it up.

Yep It could be I wonder if they have tone selection

I believe that Potter also makes multi-tone horns and horn/strobes:

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I also have a video showing a demonstration of their tones right from their website: